Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Recap, Season 2 May Not Happen Despite Fans’ Demands

Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Recap
Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Recap

Legend of the Blue Sea has ended in the most romantic finale possible and now fans are clamoring for season 2. A Legend of the Blue Sea finale recap below could prove why a second season is on demand right now.

The top-rated Korean drama concluded its run with its 20th episode on Wednesday. Although the conman and silver-tailed mermaid met a happy ending, viewers would love to see more of Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min-ho) and Shim Chung (Jun Ji-hyun).

SBS has yet to announce if there will be a season 2 for the fantasy/romance show. If the network will base the renewal on ratings, the show has garnered an impressive rating of 17.9 percent nationwide viewership. Although it failed to hit the 20 percent mark, it managed to maintain on top of the viewership rating chart.

However, the chances of Legend of the Blue Sea to have season 2 is quite slim right now since it already addressed all its conflicts in its last three episodes. Moreover, some cast members do not seem optimistic about the renewal of the show.

Jun Ji-hyun thanked viewers for their support and did not leave any hint of possible season 2. Allkpop quoted the actress saying that it has been a memorable, yet difficult production for her.

Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Recap

The finale of the hit Korean drama was filled with emotional goodbyes and reunions. It served as a proper resolution for fans.

It can be recalled that at the end of episode 19, Joon Jae asked Chung not to erase his memory before she leaves. The finale then picked up three years later. Shim Chung gets back to Joon Jae’s house where everyone doesn’t remember her, DramaBeans wrote.

When Joon Jae arrives, it seems like he doesn’t remember her too. He then left the house. As the snow starts to fall, Shim Chung looks over at the nearby courtyard where she once waited for him.

Joon Jae suddenly appears holding an umbrella. He then extends a hand out to her, just like he did when they first met in Spain. Chung asks him if he can really remember her.

“Yes. In this world, only I remember you,” he replied. Joon Jae then embraces her and tells her that he will remember her even if she erased his memory over and over again.

He added, “My body remembers you, and you were engraved in my heart. You couldn’t do anything to that.” In the end, the two sit outside quietly looking at the sea.

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Image Source: Facebook/LegendoftheBlueSeaKdrama

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Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Recap, Season 2 May Not Happen Despite Fans’ Demands

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