Law and Order SVU Season 18 Spoilers: Episode 13 Features a Dangerous Hacker

Law and Order SVU season 18 spoilers
Law and Order SVU

Lt. Olivia Benson and her team will hunt for a hacker according to recent Law and Order SVU season 18 spoilers. Find out all about the upcoming episode here.

In episode 13, a woman will seek the SVU’s help when someone starts targeting her. Her phone and computer have been hacked and the perpetrator can access all her files. The victim added she cannot even talk to the authorities because the hacker is also listening in on the conversation.

The hacker then infiltrates into the New York Police Department’s computer system when the SVU started to investigate the case. In a sneak peek for episode 13, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is seen telling ADA Rafael Barba (Raúl Esparza) that the hacker was able to breach the NYPD computer system.

The Law and Order SVU season 18 spoilers also hinted that the situation will quickly turn out of control when several people turn up dead. Benson then orders her squad to find the hacker before he can do a lot more worse.

Law and Order SVU Season 18 Episode 12 Recap

Law and Order SVU season 18 is currently on a brief hiatus following episode 12 that focused on an assault of a female military officer. In the episode titled No Surrender, the first female member of the elite Army Ranger unit, Captain Beth Williams (Sarah Booth) was named as the new face of the military.

At her celebration party, Williams fiancé announced that they are getting married. Hours later, a jogger found Williams crawling on the ground. She has been assaulted, Observer noted.

Williams blamed herself for what happened to her and expressed concern that her status as a victim might end up in the press that could jeopardize her new image and her publicity tour. Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola (Ice T) revisited his time in the military to connect with Williams when she struggles to recover from the assault.

SVU investigated the case that led them to two possible assailants. However, both have their alibis and were later ruled out.

Then it was revealed that it was Williams’ fiancé that attacked her. His reason – Williams broke up with him that night and the lady Captain beat him.

At the end, Williams admitted in a press conference that she is a victim of an assault. She told the public that it will not change who she is, what she has accomplished and what she stands for.

Law and Order SVU season 18 will return on March 22 at 9 p.m. in NBC. Stay tuned for more Law and Order SVU season 18 spoilers here at GoshTV.

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Image Source: Facebook/Law and Order SVU

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Law and Order SVU Season 18 Spoilers: Episode 13 Features a Dangerous Hacker

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