Law and Order SVU Season 18 to Feature Former Fox News CEO Scandal

Law and Oder SVU season 18
Law and Oder SVU season 18

Law and Oder SVU season 18 will air another story ripped from the headlines. This time around, it is about the sex scandal that involved a former television executive.

The hit procedural drama will air an episode that is loosely based on the sexual harassment scandal that involved ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and former Fox News personality Gretchen Carlson. The episode will air in spring, TVLine reported.

Carlson and fellow news personality Megyn Kelly accused Ailes of sexual harassment last year. Carlson claimed Ailes fired her after she refused his sexual advances. In July 2016, Ailes resigned as Fox News head, while Carlson won a $20 million settlement.

As for Kelly, she stayed with Fox after Ailes resigned. She ended her 12-year stint with the network last month and joined the NBC family.

The Law and Oder SVU season 18 episode, titled The Newsroom, will investigate Howard Coyle, the head of a major news network. Other characters that will appear in the episode are news anchors Heidi and Margery, TVLine wrote. Moreover, George, one of the network’s analysts who knows everything that goes on in the newsroom, will also feature in the story.

Law and Oder SVU Season 18 Ripped From The Headlines Stories

The upcoming Ailes-inspired episode is not the first ripped from the headlines story made by NBC’s longest running series. In fact, Law and Oder SVU usually goes for these types of storylines. There are over 200 episodes that were inspired by true events since the show premiered in 1999.

Another story that viewers have been waiting for is the Donald Trump-inspired episode. The episode, titled Unstoppable, is about a politician accused of misconduct by a number of women. The women’s allegations would send his campaign into turmoil.

However, the episode hasn’t aired until now and NBC has yet to announce a release date for it. The episode initially eyed an October 2016 release before the US presidential election.

There have been reports that the Trump-inspired episode needed extra revisions from NBC executives, who allegedly forced some changes to the script. The network also discussed whether to air the episode before or after the election. In the end, the episode has been shelved indefinitely.

During the recent 2017 Television Critics Association winter press tour, showrunner Dick Wolf expressed hope that the controversial episode could air in the spring. Law and Oder SVU season 18 will return on February 8 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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Image Source: Facebook/Law and Order SVU

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Law and Order SVU Season 18 to Feature Former Fox News CEO Scandal

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