Law & Order SVU latest news: The Real Reason Why Trump Episode is Being Delayed

Law & Order SVU latest news
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Earlier reports teased about an upcoming Trump episode from the procedural crime drama series. However, the Law & Order SVU latest news reveals it is delayed again.

Law & Order SVU often features episodes inspired by current events. Indeed, its upcoming episode on February 8 titled The Newsroom is a prime example.

The season 18 episode is a loose adaptation of the sexual harassment case involving former FOX News CEO Roger Ailes and one of the network’s news personalities Gretchen Carlson. Yet fans seem more eager for Law and Order SVU latest news on the Trump episode.

Showrunner Talks About Law & Order SVU Latest News

News of the Trump episode early on caught the attention of fans. Hence, the anticipation for its telecast. However, its expected arrival before the U.S. presidential elections did not happen.

Later on, Dick Wolf said the particular episode could possibly air in the spring. Alas, it would appear fans should expect another delay in its telecast. Rick Eid explained the reason behind it. As it turns out, the matter is out of his hands and lies entirely with the network.

“I can’t speak for them. I have no idea. They [NBC] made the decision that they thought was best and they’re smart people so I don’t know.” Eid told The Hollywood Reporter. So, in light of the delays, does Eid regret doing the Trump episode? Apparently, he does not. The showrunner acknowledged how things change. Hence, the outcome of a situation written before might not make sense later on.

Nonetheless, the latest news on Law and Order SVU would give its audience other reasons to tune in. As it turns out, Law & Order SVU will celebrate its 400th episode. A remarkable achievement for any TV series. Mariska Hargitay will direct the episode.

Law & Order SVU Latest News on Donald Trump Episode

According to Deadline, the Donald Trump inspired episode titled Unstoppable was delayed twice before. NBC canceled the original air date in October. However, it did the same for the November telecast. To date, it remains unknown when or if the network intends to broadcast it.

Unstoppable episode reportedly deals with a character who could be or might not be based on Donald Trump. Then again, the comparisons would seem obvious to some. As it turns out, the character played by actor Gary Cole dreams of the presidency. However, a number of women with sordid stories about him could derail his plans.

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Image Source: Facebook/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Law & Order SVU latest news: The Real Reason Why Trump Episode is Being Delayed

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