Get to Know the Marvel’s Runaways Cast and the Characters They Play

Marvel's Runaways cast
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The final lineup of Marvel’s Runaways cast is out. Meet the actors and actresses who will bring the comic characters to life.

Comic book fans could have good reason to look forward to the upcoming Hulu series. Apparently, Marvel’s The Runaways cast has the approval of Runaways’ comic co-creator Brian K. Vaughn.

Incidentally, Vaughn will also be an executive consultant of the series, The Hollywood Reporter revealed. “I’m so excited for fans of the comic to watch this perfect cast of amazing actors, all of whom embody the spirit of their characters more than I ever could have imagined,” Vaughn said.

Meet the Marvel’s Runaways Cast

The commendation from Vaughn bodes well for Marvel’s Runaways cast and the series overall. Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb shares his excitement for the talented group of actors chosen to bring the comic book characters to life, TV Line reports.

Hence, it is time to meet who they are and which characters they will play in the upcoming Hulu series. First on the list is Gregg Sulkin from Faking It. The actor takes on the role of Chase Stein. Many typecast him as a dumb jock owing to his hot bod and status as a lacrosse star. However, beneath his exterior is a brilliant mind similar to his father.

Rhenzy Feliz (Teen Wolf and Casual) will play Alex Wilder. Much of his time is spent playing video games. Hence, he is the loner among them. However, his deep desire is to bring his childhood friends together again.

Lyrica Okano from The Affair plays the troubled Wiccan Nico Minoru. However, her Goth character appears to be a mask to hide her loneliness.

Virgina Gardner (Goat) is the epitome of perfection playing the role of Karolina Dean. However, her character wants to break free of her picture perfect world and explore her own desires. Ariela Barer (One Day at a Time) plays purple-haired Gert Yorkes. Her appearance and attitude also serve to mask her inner feelings.

Allegra Acosta (100 Things to do Before High School) completes Marvel’s Runaways cast of six. Her character Molly Hernandez is the youngest in the group contributing to her innocence.

Marvel’s Runaways Cast Story

Marvel’s Runaways cast come together to fight a common cause. Despite their differences, the six teens unite after they find out their respective parents are part of an evil organization.

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Image source: Twitter/Marvel Entertainment

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Get to Know the Marvel’s Runaways Cast and the Characters They Play

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