Kim Kardashian Returns on Social Media, Back to a Normal Life

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian had gone through a lot over the last few months, which caused the reality star to maintain a low profile all these while. She was also absent from the social media, but now everything seems to be falling in place.

She has not only appeared in public while on her way to a lunch meeting at Hotel Bel-Air but also made a return to the social media. Kim shared a screen grab showing herself with her husband Kanye West and two children on Instagram. She also posted a home video montage on Youtube on Monday.

Kim Kardashian Returns to Normal Life

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was for so long keeping her public appearances restricted since her horrible robbery experience in Paris and West’s sudden mental breakdown.

However, things are appearing to change already, as she was spotted spending some time at the Beverly Hills establishment after long. It appeared to be more like a business meeting but the reality star left with a pink gift back after it was over.

She has been away from the social media all these while as well. But, she chose to Snapchat during her meal to show off her stylish, tattered jeans, the Mail Online reported.

Kim also shared an image of her legs in the ripped up jeans. It had the word  “Torn” written over it.

The meaning of the word may have been just literal, referring to her tattered denim. However, it may also have a deeper meaning and allude to her return to the public view following the tough months. Kim robbed in Paris became a major news that was followed by her husband mental health crisis.

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Kim Kardashian Returns To Social Media

The Telegraph reported that the users received the return of Kim to the social media warmly. However, the disparity between the responses she received now and back when she was robbed in Paris is pretty stark. Her return to the social media has mostly garnered positive responses. But, back then she was at the receiving end of the backlashes from the social media. It all blamed her for bringing it upon herself.

She might have been playing with fire by over publicizing her glamorous over-the-top life. However, it now appears that she has taken lessons from her experiences. It looks like she has changed the way she put up herself on the social media. The video she uploaded focused more on normalcy and perhaps that’s what made it even more appealing. Although she was covered in silver sequins it was a knee length, round-necked and long-sleeved attire.

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Kim Kardashian Returns on Social Media, Back to a Normal Life

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