Katheryn Winnick, Creator Talks Lagertha’s Fate on Vikings Season 4

Vikings Season 4
Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha on Vikings

Vikings Season 4 episode 17 has not aired yet, but speculations about Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha are already piling up on the internet. Many believe that the said character might soon face its demise.

According to International Business Times, after Ragnar Lothbrok‘s (Travis Fimmel) death, another major character is set to die towards the end of the season. In line with this, the latest episode clearly suggests that it is indeed Lagertha who is the one in danger.

Vikings Season 4 Episode 16

During the last episode on Jan. 4, Alex High’s Ivar the Boneless reportedly confronted Lagertha regarding his mother’s death. Ivar’s mother goes by the name of Aslaug. The character is portrayed by Alyssa Sutherland.

Unfortunately, Lagertha decided not to fight him. Of course, she knows the danger that she is about to face. So once again, she approaches John Kavanagh’s Seer. He is the one who revealed to her that she will be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons.

Katheryn Winnick’s Response

The 39-year-old actress recently had an interaction with her fans on her official Twitter account. Apparently, a fan asked about the fate of her character. She just simply stated that the forthcoming episodes will follow the written history.

On the other hand, the show’s creator Michael Hirst still believed that Lagertha is the soul of the series. He explained that her role is crucial in the story as to why she is significantly needed.

According to TV Guide, Hirst said, “There is a feminist collective in New York who wrote to me a couple years ago and they said, ‘we don’t care how many of the male characters you kill off. But if you do anything to Lagertha, you are in trouble.’ So I am very careful about that warning.”

Despite this assurance last April 2016, there is no guarantee that his decision will not change. Moreover, there is only one way to find out. Fans must watch when Vikings Season 4 episode 17 airs on Jan. 11, 2017. The said episode is titled The Great Army.

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Image Source: Facebook/Vikings

Video Source: YouTube/History

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Katheryn Winnick, Creator Talks Lagertha’s Fate on Vikings Season 4

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