Why Kate McKinnon is the Perfect Choice as Ms Fizzle in the Magic School Bus Revival

Magic School Bus Revival
Kate McKinnon

The Magic School Bus revival is happening. Yet the excitement for its return appears to focus on Kate McKinnon’s role as the new Ms. Fizzle.

Kids can look forward to The Magic School Bus revival coming soon from Netflix. News of the revival came up in 2014. Apparently, it is one of several titles from Scholastic Book selected by the streaming service at the time.

The revival will fall under the Children’s programming of Netflix. Moreover, it will likely enjoy the same popularity of the company’s other nostalgic series like Fuller House and Gilmore Girls, according to Variety.

Meet the New Ms Fizzle on The Magic School Bus Revival

Indeed, the attention on the Magic School Bus revival has a lot to do with the new Ms. Fizzle. Previously, Lily Tomlin was the voice of the unconventional teacher. This time around, another comedian takes over the role.

The reboot welcomes Kate McKinnon for the role. Apparently, it would seem no one else could fit into the shoes of the teacher other than the SNL and Ghostbusters’ star. Why?

“McKinnon’s work on Saturday Night Live, the Ghostbusters remake, and other roles has given her a firm track record of zany characters that she’s delivered impeccably over the years. Of all the actors who could have been cast for this role, McKinnon seems like a perfect choice,” The Verge wrote. Moreover, her addition could also be an attraction for parents to watch the series together with their kids.

Interestingly, Tomlin won an Emmy for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program in 1995. Could McKinnon achieve the same feat?

What to Expect from Netflix’s Magic School Bus Revival

The Magic School Bus revival will remain a venue to foster children’s interest in science. Yet this time around, it will emphasize new technologies such as cameras, robotics, and similar innovations. Moreover, it will utilize Computer-Generated Imagery aka CGI. So, it would likely be more eye-catching for today’s youth to watch.

To date, Netflix is streaming the original edition which ran on PBS from 1994 to 1997. It turns out that the series is extremely popular already according to the company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos. Thus, chances are The Magic School Bus Rides Again with Kate McKinnon will be just as popular or even more.

Stay tuned for more updates on when the Magic School Bus revival will start streaming on Netflix. For the meantime, check out our other articles for the latest on anything TV.

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Image Source: Facebook/Saturday Night Live

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Why Kate McKinnon is the Perfect Choice as Ms Fizzle in the Magic School Bus Revival

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