Juliette May Not be the Nashville Season 5 Lead Star Despite Rayna’s Death

Nashville season 5
Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere

The latest Nashville season 5 episode saw the passing of the show’s lead star. However, it appears this does not mean that another female character will take her place.

Episode 9 of the current season finally showed the death of Connie Britton’s Rayna. The actress’ potential exit has long been the subject of rumors and speculation, even when Nashville was still with ABC. The episode titled If Tomorrow Never Comes showed that Rayna’s body couldn’t handle the complications of the car crash hence, her passing.

With the character gone, fans may think that Juliette could be the new lead star of the series. A reader of TVLine expressed the same sentiment in the source’s Ask Ausiello segment.

Consequently, Michael Ausiello shared that the outlet asked showrunner Marshall Herskovitz whether the show plans on introducing a new female that will play opposite Deacon or serve as Juliette’s adversary. Herskovitz did not answer the question directly and instead told the outlet:

“Yes, the weather is nice today. I just can’t comment. This has always been an article of faith between [fellow showrunner] Ed Zwick and me, that we feel that the experience of watching a show is altered when you know what’s coming. The most important thing for us is the audience’s experience of the show itself.”

With the showrunner evading the question, it seems more likely that a new character will indeed surface later on in the season. This leaves Juliette’s status still uncertain.

Connie Britton Talks Leaving Nashville Season 5

Rayna’s passing certainly brought heartbreak to fans of the series. Hence, Connie Britton spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to clarify some things about her exit.

One of the things Britton emphasized in the interview is that leaving the show was her decision. She said the decision has been building up for quite some time. The actress further said that the show’s move to CMT made her decision more solid and stable.

However, she also clarified that the move was not the main reason for her exit. Britton said that even if Nashville season 5 was still with ABC, she thought it was the right time for the end of the character. When asked what desire prompted her to leave, the actress told THR:

“There were a lot of different factors that played into it; it was a cumulative thing. …it felt like the timing was important and my No. 1 priority was the show and making sure that it was done in the right way.”

Nevertheless, fans who will miss the actress need not fear. Although gone from Nashville season 5, Britton said she looks forward to other projects for TV, including the chance to work again with American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy.

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Image Source: Flickr/Dominick D via Creative Commons

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Juliette May Not be the Nashville Season 5 Lead Star Despite Rayna’s Death

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