A Julia Roberts TV Series Is Finally Happening! Here’s What We Know

Julia Roberts will be the star in the new limited TV series project based on Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different book. The book was recently launched in October.

While there is no current network attached to Roberts’ new project, Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures will produce the series, as they win the rights of the film and the book.

Semple, a renowned author, will be hands-on in writing the adaptation of her book. She also worked as a writer and producer for TV series Suddenly Susan and Arrested Development.

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Julia Roberts’ Character Just Wished for a Better Day

If the series will rely more on the book, Julia Roberts will play the role of Eleanor Flood in Today Will Be Different. Eleanor has the ambition to have the best day of her life. But due to some circumstances, she foresees her future taking a wrong path. She begins abandoning the plans of having a better day just for once.

Roberts’ character lives with her son, Timby, and husband, Joe. The story will evolve in that certain day where she will just take a shower, get dressed, have her poetry and yoga lessons and initiate sex with her husband.

But everything crumbles down when Roberts’ role goes to her husband’s office and finds out that Joe is on leave. But his reason is that he will be on a holiday vacation with his family. Why did Joe lie to her? Is he cheating on her? Timby, on the other hand, stays with her mother’s company.

What can further go wrong after all the revelations is that a former colleague of Roberts’ character gets into the picture. This particular character threatens to unearth a buried family secret.

Semple on Julia Roberts’ Role

In an interview with the Holiday Reporter, Semple said she is “giddy” that Julia Roberts will play Eleanor Flood. She also expressed her excitement to work with Ellison, Sue Naegle and the Annapurna team. She added that “this will be a fun ride.”

However, the book Today Will Be Different has a similarity with Semple’s book Where’s You Go Bernadette. This book has also teamed up with Annapurna for the film adaptation. Cate Blanchett will star this film and will be directed by Richard Linklater.

Catch Julia Roberts in this much-awaited series. Find out if she will acquire her dream of having a better day as Eleanor Flood.

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A Julia Roberts TV Series Is Finally Happening! Here’s What We Know

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