Julia Louis-Dreyfus Confirms Veep Season 6 April 2017 Premiere

Veep season 6
Veep season 6

Finally, Veep season 6 is coming this April.

Lead star Julia Louis-Dreyfus (former vice president and president Selina Meyer) confirmed in a tweet that the HBO comedy show will premiere on April 16, 2017. The award-winning actress shared the news in a short Twitter video that shows her dancing with a sign in what appears to be the Oval Office.

The previous season of Veep ended in June 2016. In the finale, Selina and her team waged a messy and confusing fight for the most powerful government position in the land against the charming senator Tom James (Hugh Laurie).

Everything hung in the balance after the Electoral College vote resulted in a tie. Vice President Andrew Doyle lobbied votes for Senator Laura Montez (Andrea Savage) in exchange for Secretary of State post. Montez then became the new President of the United States.

At the end, the Senate dumped both Selina and Tom and ended up electing Montez. The season ended with Selina sitting in the rain with what some of her staff while listening to newly elected President Montez’s parade.

What’s Next for Selina Meyer in Veep Season 6

Now that she is a civilian and holds no office, fans are wondering what life will be like for Selina.

In an August 2016 interview with Bustle, showrunner David Mandel hinted that it will be a hard season for Selina and for the people who worked with her. Mandel confirmed that Gary (Tony Hale) will still be working with her. However, Gary’s life will not be easy too after his boss’ failed presidential bid.

Hale previously revealed in an interview that fans might see lots of breakdown and anxiety from Selina. Her former staff will be in the same state in the forthcoming season.

Will there be Donald Trump-like story arc or character in season 6 of HBO hit series?

Forbes talked to Mandel in August 2016. A new president is already in the White House by the time the new season airs. Hence, Mandel was asked about how it will affect the show. He said, “We are definitely trying to think about the election and where things will be and how things will go. We’re never ahead enough but we’re trying to get the first ones written and get the machine rolling.”

Meanwhile, Louis-Dreyfus and Timothy Simons (Jonah Ryan) were also asked in a recent Facebook Live Q&A session with fans on how the show will do political satire now that America has a new president. “It’s hard to keep your sense of humor these days. In this case, Selina Meyer is out of the White House this season, so that makes it slightly easier,” the actress said.

Mark your calendar for the premiere of the 10-episode Veep season 6 on April 16, 2017 at 10:30 P.M. ET on HBO.

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Image Source: Facebook/Veep

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Confirms Veep Season 6 April 2017 Premiere

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