Jane the Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: Rafael Has a Not-So-New Girl

Jane the Virgin season 3 spoilers
Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni

Last minute Jane the Virgin season 3 spoilers tease that Rafael will fall for a lady after tha breakup with Abbey. However, it turns out the hunk will be reuniting with an old flame instead of a new woman.

According to a scoop from TV Guide, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) will “passionately reunite” with one of his baby mamas. The source does not reveal on who could it be. Hence, the possibility of it being Petra (Yael Grobglas) or Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is 50-50.

Nevertheless, TV Guide offers some clues as to who the former flame could be. The source details the following:

“…because this is a telenovela, complications will soon arise as a result of their alcohol-fueled reunion. You see, while this fling may have started out as being all about the physical connection, things quickly turn more serious — and more emotional — for Raf when he agrees to help his former flame with her latest problem.”

The first line could serve as a clue that Raf will be reuniting with Petra. After all, the two have had a number of reckless encounters before. Consequently, an “alcohol-fueled reunion” may sound like more of Raf and Petra together.

However, TV Guide’s description also details things turning more emotional and serious. Hence, the chances of the old flame being Jane is also quite high.

Whoever Raf reconnects with, fans will find out soon enough in tonight’s episode. More so, viewers can also expect a heated face-off between Jane and Petra as they battle for the room mom role in Ellie, Anna and Mateo’s school.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: Will Jane and Raf Get Back Together?

Although Raf and Jane appears to be living their separate lives, there are still fans who would want them to get back together. This has been a burning question after the heartbreaking death of Michael (Brett Dier). However, the episodes following the character’s passing did not show any reunion between Rafael and Jane.

Nevertheless, an article from Bustle last February posits that there are a number of signs pointing that Jane and Rafael will indeed end up together. The source cites the pair’s growing friendship as one of the reasons. Bustle also points out that both have matured and them growing up could bring them closer together.

Still, it is important to note that this is just the source’s own views. It remains to be seen where the show takes Jane and Rafael’s relationship.

Catch the latest episode of Jane the Virgin on March 20 in The CW. Meanwhile, check back with GoshTV frequently for the latest Jane the Virgin season 3 spoilers.

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Image Source: Instagram/Justin Baldoni

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: Rafael Has a Not-So-New Girl

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