Jane the Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: There’s Only a Small Chance for Rafael and Jane to Get Together

Jane the Virgin season 3 spoilers
Jane the Virgin

Fans expect Jane the Virgin season 3 spoilers to give some hints if there is a chance for Jane and Rafael’s relationship. Now that Michael is out of the picture, it remains a mystery if Jane is ever going to feel okay again.

In TV Line‘s Ask Ausiello segment, it has been revealed that even the writer is also wondering if Jane (Gina Rodriguez) will be ready for Rafael (Justin Baldoni) again. Previous episodes suggest that it may take a while for the two to go romantic, if they ever go at all.

MTV reported that the last three episodes of the series featured the so-called Michael-ization of Rafael. He had to abide with the law. To do this, the father of Jane’s child needed to confess about his business dealings on the side.

Nevertheless, although some fans would want to see Jane with Rafael, MTV thinks the show’s leading lady deserves more. According to the article, she must get a chance to be loved by more than two men. This means that the show could introduce another potential love interest down the road.

TV Line’s article further noted that in the three years before the jump, Rafael has been involved with another woman. This goes to show that Jane tried to move on on her own without complicating matters with a relationship.

Also, one can never forget the complicated triangle involving Jane, Rafael and his ex-wife Petra (Yael Grobglas). There is a long list to consider why reuniting Rafael and Jane’s relationship has a lesser chance.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 Spoilers

Michael has done his part stepping towards being a prosecutor and doing the right thing as a citizen. His death came unexpectedly and fans–like Jane–are devastated from the loss. Nevertheless, Jane’s husband left a legacy and in the hearts of many, no one can replace that.

On a brighter note, there are lots of things to look forward after this tragedy. One of them is Darci Factor’s significant return to the cast. She will be played by Justina Machado.

At this point, Jane’s life without Michael is uncertain. Nevertheless, the remaining episodes of the season would surely give light to Jane’s grieving and moving on process. It remains to be seen which episodes will tackle this.

Do you think Jane and Rafael should get together in the future? Let us know your opinion in the comments. Jane the Virgin season 3 episode 11 airs on February 13.

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: There’s Only a Small Chance for Rafael and Jane to Get Together

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