Jake Johnson Retracts Statement on New Girl Cancelled

New Girl Cancelled
New Girl

Jake Johnson recently hinted at New Girl cancelled then goes on Twitter to clarify what he said in an interview.

The actor cleared up his earlier statement to The Daily Beast about New Girl cancelled. According to Johnson’s recent tweet, there is a fifty-fifty chance of the show’s renewal. Moreover, Johnson said the idea of NG not coming back was only his personal guess.

Why Jake Johnson Hinted at New Girl Cancelled

The finale of New Girl season 6 airs on April 4, Tuesday. Yet Johnson hints hardcore fans of the series would agree it would be a suitable ending if the series did not come back.

“Fox won’t tell us [whether the show will be renewed]. But we shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be OK… I think after this season it’s done.”

The network has yet to confirm if they intend to renew or cancel the comedy series. Hence, the surprising answer of Johnson with regards to the show’s future. Nonetheless, the comedy series seems to have a good chance of returning for a seventh season, according to TV Line.

This is in spite of figures from its recent episode of New Girl last February 28. Apparently, Young Adult posted 2.2 million viewers and a rating of 0.9 in the 18-49 demo.

Johnson also acknowledged the drop in ratings for the show. However, the actor understands the changes in viewers’ habits especially among the younger generation who tend to watch shows using their mobile devices. Hence, live ratings are not a clear indication of who is watching. Indeed, he believes FOX is aware of this. Hence, their support for the show.

Likely Ending Johnson Hinted At

Johnson’s hint about an ending its loyal fans would likely agree to could finally see his character Nick Miller reunited with Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel). The characters are compared to Friends’ Rachel and Ross, a concept New Girl creator Liz Meriwether thinks is amazing.

The two friends became a couple towards the end of season 2 and stayed together for most of the next season. However, they eventually parted ways but remained friends.

Yet the relationship of Nick with Regan (guest star Megan Fox) led to Jess’ realization of her feelings for Nick. So, would the New Girl season 6 finale rekindle their romance?

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Image source: Facebook/New Girl

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Jake Johnson Retracts Statement on New Girl Cancelled

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