Jack’s Death Theories Discuss at This is Us Season 2 Panel at PaleyFest

This is Us season 2
This is Us season 2

This is Us season 2 cast members have separately debunked many of the theories on how Jack Pearson died. But one theory stands out.

During the show panel at the recent PaleyFest at the Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, the cast and show bosses sit down to answer some of the fans’ questions about the upcoming second season. Moderator Kristin Dos Santos presented a list of fan theories about how Jack died.

The crowd burst into laughter when executive producer/director Glenn Ficarra made a comment about Miguel (Jon Huertas) killing his best buddy Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Entertainment Weekly quoted Ficarra as saying:

“Without spoiling anything, I forgive him for killing Jack.”

Then the speculation that Miguel killed Jack was dismissed so as the other theories such as Rebecca (Mandy Moore) or Kate (Chrissy Metz) caused the Pearson family patriarch’s death. The theory that Jack was killed in the 9/11 attacks was also debunked.

The cast and crew confirmed that Jack is in Pittsburgh and not in New York during the terror attack. However, Dos Santos pointed out some clues that Jack could have died in a plane crash. The clues include Kate’s fear of flying and how Kevin (Justin Hartley) mentioned that he threw away all of the model airplanes he made with his dad following his death.

EW also noted that in 1994, a USAir jet crashed outside Pittsburgh. All 132 people on board the flight were killed. This is about the same time Rebecca and her teenage kids were seen at their dad’s funeral. The cast pretty much dismissed the plane crash theory too.

What to Expect in This is Us Season 2

EP/director John Requa teased that there will be several episodes in the second season that will end in big surprises and leave fans crying. Ficarra, on the other hand, fans will see Jack in a different perspective in the upcoming season regardless of how he died.

As for the Pearson siblings, Sterling K. Brown (Randal) said his character and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) have lots of discussions to do whether or not they will adopt a kid. At the end of season 1, Randall told her wife that he wants to adopt another child.

As for Kate, Metz said she hopes that her character will get a duet with her on-screen mother. Hartley said Kevin and his ex-wife, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), are in the same situation now that are into before they divorced. Hartley told the audience:

“I wish he was a little better at getting by than he is. Hopefully he’ll get the girl and the movie.”

This is Us season 2 is expected to premiere in NBC in the fall.

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Image Source: Facebook/NBC This is Us

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Jack’s Death Theories Discuss at This is Us Season 2 Panel at PaleyFest

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