iZombie Season 3 Poster Teases Liv Enjoying a Brain Smoothie

iZombie season 3
iZombie season 3 poster

iZombie won’t be back for a few more weeks but a new iZombie season 3 poster teases what Liv has been up to. In the recent promo still, the series’ main character is enjoying a glowing brain smoothie. What could this mean for the upcoming season?

According to Comic Book Movie, not much details have been revealed about the upcoming season of iZombie. However, the source deduces that the third season will most likely pick up from where season 2 left off. Fans will recall that Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) informed Liv (Rose McIver) of the impending war between humans and zombies.

Whatever comes out of that could be the main issue explored in season 3. Meanwhile, a synopsis for the new season was also released. CBM shares the synopsis as follows:

“Liv has discovered there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed. In fact, there’s a private military contractor employing a small zombie army, and that army is preparing for the day humans learn of their existence. Major (Robert Buckley) was exonerated for the crimes of the Chaos Killer, but is still considered a pariah. He manages to land a job with the one and only place that will hire him. Meanwhile, Blaine (David Anders) is accused of lying.”

Notable from the synopsis is the mention of humans learning of zombies existence. Will the discovery finally happen in season 3?

iZombie Season 3 Known Spoilers

Back in January, TV Guide compiled a list of known details about iZombie season 3. The first item mentioned discusses that season 3 will not have a singular villain like season 1 and 2. Instead, it seems like the major problem the characters will encounter is a moral dilemma.

On one hand, Liv and the gang know that they can survive through means that won’t need to hurt the human population. However, on the other hand, the existence of the zombies forming an army foresees a future where they must protect their kind with extreme measures.

Another interesting bit shared by TV Guide offers a look at the first episode of season 3. It turns out Major will eat the brains of a teenage girl killed in a car accident.

Finally, the standout from the list pertains to the love triangle of Ravi (Rahul Kohli), Peyton (Aly Michalka) and Blaine. TV Guide shares:

“Blaine’s amnesia as a result of taking the second version of cure continues to play a major role this season, which continues to create problems for the Ravi and Peyton relationship.”

Catch iZombie season 3 as it returns on April 4 at 8 p.m. in The CW.

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Image Source: Twitter/Rose McIver

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iZombie Season 3 Poster Teases Liv Enjoying a Brain Smoothie

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