Ivanka Trump News: First Daughter Channels the Duchess of Cambridge in Recent Photograph

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

The latest news about America’s first daughter associates her with royalty. Hence, people are asking whether Ivanka Trump channeled the Duchess of Cambridge on purpose.

A recent photo of Ivanka Trump caught the attention of Mail Online. As per the source, a photo of the businesswoman with her son looks similar to a 2014 family photo of Prince George and his parents.

The photograph in question shows Ivanka and her son, Joe, at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. In the snap, Ivanka hugs Joe while they both marvel at a butterfly.

In comparison, the image featuring the royal family showed Prince George sitting at the lap of the Duchess while pointing at a butterfly in his father’s hands.

Ivanka Trump and Son’s Photo Not a Big Deal

While the photo of Ivanka and the royal family have their similarities, it does not look an exact copy of each other. Hence, some netizens expressed their frustration on how such trivial moment became news. Some of these netizens left a direct comment on the Mail Online article.

User British and Canadian said, “So Kate is the only mother to take her child to see a butterfly? Highly unlikely Kate is Ivanka’s inspiration. lol.” Meanwhile, username Sandy also said, “I have photos by some relatives of mine, with similar photos years before the Kate and George photos.”

Although the photograph is coincidental, this is not the first time that Ivanka and the Duchess have been associated to each other. A November 2016 article from The Daily Telegraph branded the first daughter as “America’s answer to Kate Middleton.” The association stems from Ivanka’s stature as a style-setter while being part of a very powerful family.

Both Ivanka and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge often appear in lists when news sources discuss fashion trends and labels. Articles also compare their style senses.

Other Ivanka Trump News

Speaking of labels, it appears the first daughter’s fragrance line is booming. A report from Refinery29 details that the Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray currently tops Amazon’s best-seller list.

However, the site reports that people are actually buying the perfume to support Ivanka. The website quotes one certified buyer, “I love this scent and happily showed my support by purchasing this perfume. Just wish I can fit into her gorgeous clothing line.”

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Image Source: Flickr/Seeds_of_Peace (Patrick McMullan) via Creative Commons

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Ivanka Trump News: First Daughter Channels the Duchess of Cambridge in Recent Photograph

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