It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Character Finally Shines in The Mick

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia finally has her turn in the spotlight in The Mick.

The cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would not be complete if not for Kaitlin Olson. Indeed, her character is vital to the story and the main friend group, Screener TV writes. However, she now has the opportunity to shine through in the latest FOX series titled The Mick. The network placed an order for six episodes early on.

As it turns out, the brains behind The Mick are Dave and John Chernin. The brothers are also veterans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Thus, they have known Kaitlin Olson for close to a decade. Moreover, they are well aware of her talent. Hence, their decision to cast her in the series.

“To shoot a pilot with Kaitlin Olson as your star is like being a baseball manager with a Hall of Fame cleanup hitter in your lineup. She just makes everyone around her better, and we could rest a little easier knowing we had that much talent at our disposal. The real challenge was finding other actors who could hang with her,” the brothers told Entertainment Weekly.

However, her talent is not the only praise worthy thing about her. The brothers also affirmed her kindness and warmth as a person.

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Kaitlin Olson from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars in The Mick

However, rest assured Sweet Dee will remain part of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Interestingly, The Mick offers insight into parenthood with Kaitlin Olson in the lead. As Mickey, she has to take on the role of guardian for her niece and nephews. A task she is unwilling to do. Thus, it would certainly present a unique style of parenting.

The Chernin brothers revealed they took inspiration from earlier FOX sitcoms such as Married…with Children and Malcolm in the Middle. Although these shows featured more bickering among family members. It left no doubt, the families would eventually come together in the end.

The Mick airs Tuesdays on FOX at 8:30 pm ET.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Character Finally Shines in The Mick

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