Iron Fist Premiere is Almost Here and The Defenders are Having Fun on Twitter

Iron Fist premiere
Finn Jones as Iron Fist

The Iron Fist premiere is closing in on fans. Not long after the series drops on Netflix, Marvel’s The Defenders will also take its stage. With this, the different heroes from the team up treated their fans with some playful banter on Twitter.

According to a report from Screen Rant, the fun started when a fan asked who would win in a fight between Iron Fist/Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and Daredevil/Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox). The Iron Fist Twitter account appeared diplomatic, answering that he is not in a rush to find out.

The Daredevil account, meanwhile, got into The Defenders spirit. He told the Twitter follower that they are “all in this together.”

However, despite Daredevil’s inspiring mantra, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) ruined the mood. The Jessica Jones Twitter account replied, “Blah blah blah team blah blah justice blah blah.”

Since everyone already joined the banter, another fan looked for Luke Cage (Mike Colter). The hero ruined the mood further by saying, “Some people have lives to handle outside of Twitter.”

While the interaction pleased fans, it also served as some sort of teaser for the heroes’ team up in The Defenders. Previous reports already said that the four characters will not necessarily get along at the beginning. Nevertheless, they will certainly provided a united front against a major villain (Sigourney Weaver) later on.

Things to Know Before the Iron Fist Premiere

Ahead of the Iron Fist premiere, Netflix and Marvel released a featurette about the character. Titled I am Danny Rand, the two-minute video gives an overview of the upcoming series.

The clip opens with a young Danny who suffers a plane crash with his parents. A voice then instructs him to bury his mother and father, as well as his childish needs. Finally, the character claims that he is the Iron Fist.

Actor Finn Jones himself appears in the video. He explains a bit of what storyline the series will follow. Jones detailed:

“Danny Rand comes back to New York after being gone for 15 years. He believes that he’ll be received with open arms. The first thing he realizes is that the world’s changed.”

The clip then follows Danny’s childhood friends who are now billionaires running his father’s empire. However, when he claims he is Danny, they do not believe him and claims their old friend is dead. The rest of the featurette follows Danny’s dealings around the city.

Watch the rest of the video below. The Iron Fist premiere drops this March 17 in Netlfix.

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Image Source: Twitter/MarvelIronFist
Video Source: YouTube/We Got This Covered

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Iron Fist Premiere is Almost Here and The Defenders are Having Fun on Twitter

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