An Instagram Post Ended Dylan O’Brien’s Fate as Stiles on Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien is considered to have one of the most significant roles in the series as Stiles. But now, fans are speculating that he is going to be killed off in the series.

With his accident in the upcoming film Maze Runner: The Death, there are lots of things going on in the 25-year-old actor’s life. Not to mention his additional projects entitled American Assasin and Deepwater Horizon. Considering these signs, avid followers of Teen Wolf might not see more of Stiles’ in the future.

Stiles had His Last Set on Teen Wolf?

According to Teen Vogue, costume supervisor of the show named Daniel Flores posted a photo stating Dylan O’Brien’s last day on set. The deleted Instagram post was captioned “Work finish on this guy right here. Thanks for all the memories and a wonderful 6 season run.”

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Despite this news, nothing can still be confirmed yet without O’Brien’s official statement. In the end, we all wish nothing but Stiles’ safety from the Ghost Riders when Season 6 returns.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Returns

Meanwhile, there has been no broadcast of MTV series’ episodes for two consecutive weeks. But speculations about Stiles’ fate have been continuously in the bad light. As per Carter Matt, one costume personnel from the MTV series named Adam M. West also commented on Twitter about the issue saying:

“FYI – actors’ availability is one of the main schedule concerns in filming. Someone’s ‘last day of shooting’ don’t tell you anything.”

Obviously, fans only have to chill and relax because it seemed like Stiles is not really going anywhere. He is probably just having a tough time in his schedule with all that is happening. On the other hand, our recent recap states that Scott’s pack confirmed Stiles’ existence. The only question is how they will save the sheriff’s son.

Avid followers of the show will soon find out if Lydia’s banshee skills, Malia’s Coyote’s abilities, and Scott’s werewolf powers can save their ultimate human friend. Furthermore, Teen Wolf Season 6 episode 6 returns on Jan. 3, Friday.

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Photo: Facebook | Teen Wolf


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An Instagram Post Ended Dylan O’Brien’s Fate as Stiles on Teen Wolf

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