I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Video Features a Taylor Swift You’ve Never Seen Before

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift looks all grown up in her latest music video I Don’t Wanna Live Forever with Zayn Malik. The singer transforms into someone her fans have never seen before.

The pop princess marks her return to the music scene with a video for the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker film. This time around, she is no longer the girl next door everyone has come to know, News.com.au remarked.

Indeed, the I Don’t Wanna Live Forever video not only features a Taylor Swift song, her first since her 2015 single Out of the Woods. Moreover, it features a woman who appears confident in her sexuality. Hence, a more mature pop princess emerges onscreen.

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik in Fifty Shades Darker Music Video

The Fifty Shades Darker music video apparently takes its cue from the movie. Hence, the dark yet steamy scenes.

The backdrop for the I Don’t Wanna Live Forever video is the St. Pancra Renaissance Hotel in London. In the movie, the song plays as Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) share an erotic elevator ride.

The story features the characters of Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik as they suffer through a public breakup. Yet the ex-lovers end up agonizing over it once they reach their respective hotel rooms. Hence, they wind up trashing both quarters.

Her sexy attire in the music video definitely calls attention. Thus, it could likely indicate she has overcome her initial reluctance to show more skin on camera.

On the other hand, Zayn Malik looks right at home in the video. Indeed, the former One Direction star showed his sexy side in his breakout single Pillowtalk in 2016.

Taylor Swift Talks about Working with Zayn Malik in Music Video

“I’ve known Zayn for a really long time. I think his voice is one of those that is really rare, and I think he’s really special and wonderful and I think it’s really amazing we get to work together,” Entertainment Weekly quoted Swift. The singer shared behind the scenes clips as she talked about working with Malik on the track.

She revealed the original plan for the music video would not put them together in the same scene. However, she is thankful for director Grant Singer’s last minute decision to do otherwise.

“I think now, looking back, it might’ve seemed like we might’ve shot the video in two different locations, and I’m really happy now that at the last minute [director] Grant [Singer] was like, ‘Why don’t you guys get in the same room and we’ll put a strobe light on you and see what happens,’” Swift added.

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I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Video Features a Taylor Swift You’ve Never Seen Before

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