House of Cards Season 5 Promises Radical Changes When it Returns

House Of Cards Season 5
Claire and Frank Underwood

House of Cards season 5 hints at a darker path for the administration of President Frank Underwood. While season 4 ended with doubt if Frank and Claire are still on the same side, the teaser seems to reveal that they will indeed remain as a duo.

It can be recalled that House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon left in 2016. Thus, this led to speculations that season 5 will be cancelled. But that is a big mistake as Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will be returning in season 5.

Also, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott were added to the cast. Aside from the changes in the cast, Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese who have been the series’ writers were promoted as showrunners.

House of Cards Season 5: What to Expect

The story of the fifth season revolves around Frank’s ascent to DC. Since the trailer dropped during the Inauguration, it seems like some real life politics issues will be tacked as well.

The current slogan for the series is “We make the terror,” Engadget reported. This only means one thing – the Underwood administration will not do its citizens any good.

For avid followers of the series, that would not come as a surprise at all.  Nevertheless, fans could also expect something fresh since it will be the first time that the show won’t have its original showrunner on board.

Michael Kelly was willing to give some hints on what’s to come. Speaking to Deadline, the actor shared:

“I do not know, because I feel like there have always been radical changes in this show. As we have gone along, you know, crazy sh** happens all the time. Almost the entirety of Season 3 was about these characters failing.”

House of Cards on Paramount

Moreover, it has been revealed in one of GoshTV’s previous reports that House of Cards will be released in Paramount Channel Latin America. They have paid TV rights for the franchise along with another Netflix hit, Orange is the New Black.

The network aims to add more television series since they have been prioritizing movie programming. With this, the Underwoods will certainly reach a wider audience.

House of Cards season 5 premieres on May 30. Bookmark GoshTV for more updates on the show before season 5 begins.

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Image Source: Facebook/HouseofCards

Video Source: YouTube/Netflix

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House of Cards Season 5 Promises Radical Changes When it Returns

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