House of Cards Season 5 Update Hints the Return of Zoe Barnes

House of Cards Season 5 update
House of Cards Season 5 update

Fans can’t wait any longer for its premiere after House of Cards season 5 update has teased a possible return of one character.

The show shared on its Twitter account a clip of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) showing her talking to someone on her mobile phone while looking out a car window. The video was simply captioned: “Chapter 4.”

This made most fans confused and theorize on what it means. One Twitter user wrote: “No way Zoe is alive. Something she did must be coming back to bite Frank in the a**.” Another said that Zoe probably has a twin sister.

Zoe was a female journalist for The Washington Herald, who formed an alliance with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) when he is still the House Majority Whip in season 1. The two agreed to use each other to advance their respective careers. She later becomes suspicious of Underwood’s involvement with Peter Russo.

In Season 2, her investigation on Underwood and Russo ultimately leads to her death. The now-president pushed her in front of a train to protect his own secrets. Zoe appeared in a dream Frank in season 4 after an assassination attempt on his life.

More House of Cards Season 5 Update

The Netflix show also posted another video featuring children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The American flag is waving in the background, but it has been turned upside down. Then “5.30.2017” was flashed across the screen, while the words “We make the terror” was written on the caption.

Is Underwood’s administration really going to war?

At the end of the previous season, the president addressed the public declaring that the nation is at total war against terrorism. He ordered the full force of the military to be used to combat terror around the world, regardless of the cost. The season ends with Frank and Claire (Robin Wright) watching the live execution of the hostage together.

In the upcoming episode, both Spacey will reprise their role as President of the United States and First Lady, respectively. Michael Kelly will also come back as Doug Stamper, Paul Sparks as Thomas Yates, and Neve Campbell as political consultant LeAnn Harvey.

Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott are also set to appear in season 5. Netflix has yet to release details of their roles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two will be featured heavily in the next season.

House of Cards season 5 will kick off on May 30 in Netflix.

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Image Source: Facebook/House of Cards

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House of Cards Season 5 Update Hints the Return of Zoe Barnes

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