This House of Cards Season 5 Fan Favorite Character Will Return, Alongside New Cast Additions

House of Cards season 5
House of Cards

One fan favorite is coming back to House of Cards season 5. Meanwhile, two more are about to join the cast this season.

Paul Sparks has confirmed that he will reprise his role as Thomas Yates in the fifth season of the Netflix political drama. In an interview with TVLine, Sparks announced the good news.

The actor also talked about how the show will move forward without creator Beau Willimon. Sparks said Willimon’s departure is a big loss for the show. However, he also assured that season 5 is still in good hands with writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson.

In the upcoming episode, Kevin Spacey returns to play the role of President Frank Underwood. Robin Wright will also reprise her role as First Lady Claire Underwood. Aside from the two lead stars of the show, Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper), Neve Campbell (LeAnn Harvey), and Joel Kinnaman (Will Conway) are all returning too.

House of Cards Season 5 New Cast Members and Departure

Both Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott inked a deal to join House of Cards’ fifth season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clarkson and Scott’s characters remain under wraps but apparently, it will be major roles.

Clarkson last appeared on television in a cameo for Broad City following her recurring role as Tammy Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Scott, on the other hand, appeared in Royal Pains and in the third season of Damages. He was also featured in The Amazing Spider-Man as Peter Parker’s father.

So far, the regular cast member from the previous seasons that will not be coming back in season 5 is Remy Danton (Mahershala Ali), Digital Spy noted. The actor appeared in Netflix’s Luke Cage.

Meanwhile, the Netflix series recently shared on Twitter a clip of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) and it was simply captioned: “Chapter 4.” This sparked speculations that the female journalist, who Underwood killed in season 2, will somehow return in the series. Zoe previously appeared in Frank’s dream in season 4 after an assassination attempt on his life.

House of Cards season 5 will pick up from the events of the previous season. At the finale of season 4, the President and her First Lady are deciding to take the country to war in order to boost his approval ratings as election season approaches. Frank ordered the full force of the military to combat terror around the world, regardless of the cost.

The critically-acclaimed series returns on May 30 in Netflix. Stay tuned for more updates from House of Cards season 5 as they arrive.

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Image Source: Facebook/HouseofCards

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This House of Cards Season 5 Fan Favorite Character Will Return, Alongside New Cast Additions

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