Home and Away 2017 Star Tessa De Josselin Sends Special Message to Fans

Home and Away 2017
Tessa De Josselin

Home and Away 2017 star Tessa De Josselin sent her special message to fans following the death of her character in the show. The exit happened in one of the show’s episodes last week.

Network Seven shared de Josselin’s (Billie Ashford) video message to the viewers of Australia’s long-running soap. She told her fans how she enjoyed playing the character for years. The actress first appeared in the show in 2015. Watch de Josselin’s video here.

In a recent interview with de Josselin, she admitted that she was unhappy at first when she learned that her character will be killed off. The actress confessed that she would have wanted Billie to leave Summer Bay in a different way. DigitalSpy cited a TV Week interview with de Josselin where she said:

“When the producers told me she was going to die, I was bummed out. I wanted her to go on to do great things. But I wasn’t disappointed in her ending. It was an interesting turn and she was able to find her peace. You have to remind yourself it’s just a story. It’s lovely to know people cared about her as much as I did.”

What’s Next in Home and Away 2017

Summer Bay mourned the death of Billie at her funeral service while a stranger watched from afar. Kat (Pia Miller) noticed the stranger. Who is he? Is he a friend of Billie’s or a new villain in town?

Elsewhere, Marilyn (Emily Symons) refuses to attend the service for Billie after learning that John (Shane Withington) is the arsonist. She blames herself for not seeing what is happening to her husband. Alf (Ray Meagher) consoles her and tells Marilyn that she should not blame herself.

Kat earlier told Marilyn and John the result of the police investigation about the series of fires in Summer Bay. Marilyn couldn’t believe that John is the one responsible for all of it, and so did John. He has no memories of starting the fire.

Dr. Nate (Kyle Prior) previously revealed to Marilyn and John that they found a tumor in John’s brain. In the upcoming episode, John will tell Marilyn that he wouldn’t like to challenge the arson case against him.

It seems like John will be sent to jail soon. Back to Bay previously reported that Withington was spotted filming on location in Yabbie Creek Courthouse in the Hawkesbury region. The actor was seen dressed in a jumpsuit and had handcuffs.

It was also confirmed that Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) would be returning to the show. Morag was last seen in Summer Bay last year after Zac was accused of the murder of Charlotte King. She had the charges against Zac dropped.

Home and Away 2017 airs from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. Catch new episodes in Australia’s Network Seven.

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Image Source: Instagram/Tessa de Josselin

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Home and Away 2017 Star Tessa De Josselin Sends Special Message to Fans

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