Home and Away 2017 Returns in a Firestorm, Not Everyone Will Survive

Home and Away 2017
Home and Away 2017

Home and Away 2017 is making a burning come back on Monday, both literally and figuratively. Find out the latest on this series.

Before the Aussie long-running soap took a break in December, it left a cliffhanger. Now, its viewers are eager to know if someone died in the bushfire.

It has been revealed that John Palmer (Shane Withington) started the fire that is threatening Summer Bay and the lives of many of the soap’s beloved characters. John started the fire near the music festival organized by Evelyn MacGuire (Philippa Northeast).

The fire quickly spreads and some characters were seen in the season finale suffocating from smoke. A sneak peek for the premiere of Home and Away 2017 hinted that someone might not come out alive from the blaze.

Who Will Not Survive the Home and Away 2017 Bushfire

The teaser shows Hunter Lee’s (Scott Lee) life in danger as he tries to look for Olivia Fraser Richards (Raechelle Banno). Digital Spy cited TV Week’s interview with Lee wherein he said, “Hunter’s thinking the worst, because he can’t find Olivia. He’s acting on fear and not thinking rationally.”

The actor previously teased that his character will be involved in some serious things this season. Lee also hinted his departure from the show this year.

Meanwhile, the publication also reported that John’s wife, Marilyn Chambers, will be among those whose life is in danger as the flames spread. John is in panic as Marilyn is nowhere to be seen among the chaos. He heads out to search for her along with Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher).

“It’s a small town and Marilyn is a massive part of it. There’s a lot of fear and panic for her,” said Lee.

Elsewhere, Billie Ashford (Tessa De Josselin) and her unborn baby’s lives are also at risk.  Billie was seen in the trailer experiencing labor pains and her fiancé, VJ Patterson (Matthew Little) is shouting for help.

Who will die in the bushfire? Will police officer Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) finally make an arrest after she finds out the similarities between the fires at the Bay?

Don’t miss Home and Away 2017 when it returns on January 30 at 7:00 p.m. in Seven Network Australia. It will come back in the UK in mid-March.

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Image Source: Seven Network/Home and Away

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Home and Away 2017 Returns in a Firestorm, Not Everyone Will Survive

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