Home and Away 2017: Kat Will Investigate Patrick’s Past, Brody is Hook in Drugs

Home and Away 2017
Home and Away 2017

Things will get tense and scary in the upcoming episodes of Home and Away 2017 next week.

Officer Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) is using her police instinct as she is sensing there is something wrong with Ash’s (George Mason) brother, Patrick (Luke McKenzie). Next week, she will snoop around Patrick’s history in the Army following the latest scare at home.

Ash’s long-lost brother came back in Summer Bay after faking his death. But earlier this week, Kat told Ash that she is not comfortable having Patrick in the house. Kat is getting worried about Patrick’s state of mind when he attacked Ash recently.

Ash, however, doesn’t want to lose his brother again especially after the recent death of their youngest sister, Billie (Tessa De Josselin). In a sneak peek for next week’s episode, Patrick will give Kat another scare in the middle of the night.

It turns out that Patrick has an unusual night habit – sleep-walking. Kat encourages him to tell Ash about it and talked to an expert about his problem. Patrick disagrees with Kat. What is he afraid of?

Elsewhere, Ash is getting annoyed of Irene (Lynne McGranger) for being too possessive of baby Luc. He fears that Irene might take the child permanently.

Brody is Hook in Drugs in Home and Away 2017

Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) can’t get his hands off from drugs.

Brody addiction began when he went under extreme stress last week in coming up with a new and improved menu for a visiting reviewer to Salt. Brody was devastated when the reviewer criticized his dishes. He argued with the reviewer and even insulted him.

Brody took comfort from Lena (Felicity McKay), the International Business Times noted. When the restaurant owner did not show up at Salt the following day, Mason Morgan (Orpheus Pledger) shared his suspicions with Justin (James Stewart) that their brother may be acting strangely because he is taking drugs from Lena.

Justin at first refused to believe that Brody could do such thing. But when he snooped around, he found a stash of cocaine in his brother’s bag.

Justin and Tori (Penny McNamee) confronted Brody about the drugs their eldest brother found in his bag. Justin and Tori warned him to stop using drugs and fire Lena, who supplies Brody of illegal drugs.

Justin continues to watch over his brother. However, even after the stern warning from his siblings, Brody still wants to use drugs. He lied about firing Lena and called her so they can meet. to meet.

Will Brody come to his senses next week?

Home and Away 2017 airs from Monday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Network Seven in Australia.

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Image Source: Network Seven/Home and Away

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Home and Away 2017: Kat Will Investigate Patrick’s Past, Brody is Hook in Drugs

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