Home and Away 2017: John Leaving Marilyn, Summer Bay Can’t Forgive The Arsonist

Home and Away 2017
Home and Away

His crimes will continue to hound John Palmer. Furthermore, the guilt will take its toll on him in the upcoming episode of Home and Away 2017.

John (Shane Withington) had a successful brain surgery but he will soon find that more trials are coming his way. John was earlier diagnosed with a brain tumor that causes his strange behavior including starting several fires in town. The most recent bushfire threatened the lives of many and played a part on Billie Ashford’s (Tessa de Josselin) death.

After he was discharged from the hospital, John will find out that Summer Bay residents are not yet ready to forgive him for what he did. A rock will be thrown through their house window. He will also experience abuse from the locals.

All of these will force John not to stay in the house. However, Marilyn (Emily Symons) will persuade him to take a walk with her. Unfortunately, he will get harassed on the street by angry residents. This will push John further to depression and eventually to a devastating decision.

This week, John will drop a bomb on Marilyn – he wants to leave her. According to DigitalSpy, John will realize that he can no longer live with Marilyn because he fears that he will only bring her down. The publication cited TV Week’s interview with Withington wherein the actor said:

“John is abused by people in public and comes home devastated. He’s a proud man and a community-minded man. To go from that to the worst villain is awful for both him and Marilyn. He thinks all is lost. It puts their relationship under enormous pressure.”

Will Marilyn let John leave? Is this the end of their marriage? Police officer Kat Chapman (Pia Millier) earlier informed the couple that John has been formally charged with one count of arson causing death and five counts of arson resulting in property damage and injury.

More Home and Away 2017 Spoilers

Although most of Summer Bay residents find it hard to move on from the devastating fire, VJ (Matt Little) will finally forgive John for his role in Billie’s death. The teenage dad will also struggle in taking care of Luc but he is hesitant to ask for help, Back to the Bay wrote.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) continue to clash about Luc. Ash and Irene earlier begged VJ and Leah if they can also spend some time with the baby. Ash (George Mason) would like to be part of his niece’s life, while Irene would like to help out VJ and Leah in taking care of her grandchild.

Meanwhile, Leah’s marriage is also crumbling down while she is helping his son raise Luc. Leah and Zac’s relationship has been on the rock after he cheated on her with his novel editor Sam.

Elsewhere, Matt and Evie decide to leave Summer Bay. Can they also convince Ellie to come with them in Vietnam?

Catch this week’s episodes of Home and Away 2017 from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. in Australia’s Seven Network.

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Image Source: Network Seven/Home and Away

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Home and Away 2017: John Leaving Marilyn, Summer Bay Can’t Forgive The Arsonist

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