Home and Away 2017: Evie and Matt to Get Married Before Leaving Summer Bay

Home and Away 2017
Home and Away

There will be a happy ending for Evie MacGuire after all in Home and Away 2017.

Summer Bay will witness another wedding soon. Evie (Philippa Northeast) and boyfriend Matt Page (Alec Snow) are set to get married next week before they leave the Bay for Vietnam.

Evie earlier received a scholarship to take up a teaching post in the country and Matt agreed to go with her. However, they reconsidered their plan because of Matt’s sister Ellie (Darcey Wilson). Ellie did not want to move to a foreign country. But after talking with Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo), Ellie finally agreed to leave with Evie and Matt.

Evie then proposes to Matt. As soon as he said yes, they decided to have a last minute wedding so that they can share with their loved ones the important day of their life. Back to the Bay cited Northeast’s interview with TV Week where she said:

“Rekindling this love with Matt proved to Evie that love still does exist and still does have happy endings. She wanted to take hold of that.”

But in every wedding, there is a setback. Evie’s uncle Zac (Charlie Clausen) could not make it to the wedding. Zac, who is at a teaching conference in Adelaide, calls her to say his flight has been delayed.

Evie is devastated since Zac is her only family member who can attend the wedding. Zac encourages his niece not to cancel the ceremony, saying it is what her aunt and brother would want.

She decides to continue with the wedding. Northeast has teased that the ceremony will be simple, yet beautiful. She told TV Week.

“It’s a really simple, pretty country wedding. The set-up was gorgeous—lots of wood and native flowers. It was a beautiful day.”

The ceremony will be officiated by Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher). Before the day ends, Zac will arrive at the reception and present Evie with her parents’ wedding rings and tells her just how proud they would be.

Don’t miss the Evie-Matt wedding in Home and Away 2017, which airs from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. in Australia’s Seven Network.

Philippa Northeast Leaving Home and Away 2017

Speculations about Northeast leaving the Australia’s long-running show first emerged in October 2016. It stemmed from a photo she shared on social media along with former Home and Away director Jet Wilkinson and stars Tessa de Josselin (Billie Ashford) and Cassie Howarth (Hannah Wilson) while she was in the US.

In another report, Back to the Bay noted that Northeast’s management agency, Catherine Poulton Management, have already updated her CV. The actress’ portfolio reads “2013-16: Home and Away, Lead: Evelyn.”

Northeast’s character in Home and Away had been slapped with a series of tragedies in the past. She lost her brother Oscar and her aunt Hannah in a caravan explosion last year.

Her boyfriend Josh broke up with her and ran away after confessing of murdering Charlotte King. She had been in a plane crash as well.

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Image Source: Network Seven/Home and Away

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Home and Away 2017: Evie and Matt to Get Married Before Leaving Summer Bay

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