Home and Away 2017: Billie and VJ Get Married Before She Bids Goodbye

Home and Away 2017
Home and Away

It was a very sad moment for Home and Away 2017 fans. Beloved character Billie Ashford bid her goodbye in a very emotional episode.

In the previous installment, it was revealed that the mass found near Billie’s (Tessa De Josselin) lungs is malignant. The doctors can’t perform surgery because of its location. To make things worse, the type of cancer that Billie has doesn’t respond to chemotherapy.

Billie was devastated when she was informed that there is nothing the doctors can do to save her life and that she only has a few days to live. Her family and friends were also crushed knowing that she will die soon. They gatherered by her bedside to show their love and support, the International Business Times wrote.

Amidst her ordeal, Billie and boyfriend VJ (Matthew Little) decided to continue with the wedding. They finally tie the knot after several failed attempts. After the wedding, she asked VJ for a favor. Minutes later, Nate (Kyle Pryor) was seen in panic after he found out that Billie is missing.

Billie’s final request to VJ was to take her to the beach to see the sunrise one last time. At the beach, Billie told her husband that it was her happiest place.

He also told him that wants her ashes to be scattered in the ocean. She died peacefully in VJ’s arms while watching the sunrise.

Home and Away 2017 Upcoming Episodes Preview

Following Billie’s death, everyone in Summer Bay is devastated. Her loved ones will gather together for a very special send-off next week. However, a conflict will spark between Billie’s brother Ash (George Mason) and VJ and a secret will be revealed, Back to the Bay wrote.

Zac (Charlie Clausen) will confide in Sam after the recent tragedies. Things are still rocky between Zac and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) after she found out that Sam is back in the Bay and met with her husband. Zac explained to Leah what happened and told her that he already asked Sam to leave.

Meanwhile, Evie (Philippa Northeast) will receive good news, while Kat (Pia Miller) makes progress in her arson investigation. In the upcoming episode, the real identity of the arsonist will be revealed.

Home and Away 2017 airs every Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. in Network Seven in Australia. Billie’s final scenes will air in the UK in early April.

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Image Source: Network Seven/Home and Away

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Home and Away 2017: Billie and VJ Get Married Before She Bids Goodbye

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