Here’s Why That Sherlock Season 4 Character Had to Die

Sherlock Season 4

The premiere of Sherlock season 4 surprised everyone with its shocking twist. Yet the ending is meant to be, according to showrunner Steven Moffat. Here is why.

Fans looked forward to Sherlock season 4. Indeed, it has been a long wait since the third season ended in 2014. Thus, the teaser from Mark Gatiss about what to expect from its upcoming new episodes was quite promising. Moreover, it added a bit of intrigue to what Sherlock and Watson would be up to this time around.

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Alas, the death of Mary at the end of the premiere episode The Six Thatchers came as a big surprise. She and John had just welcomed their first child Rosamund Mary. Sherlock has the honor of becoming the baby’s godfather despite his earlier dismissal of the idea, TV Line reports. Showrunner assures Sherlock fans of Mary’s death. Moreover, he seems to offer a valid reason why it had to be.

“The reality of this, of course, is that Sherlock Holmes is about Sherlock and Dr. Watson and it’s always going to come back to that — always always always. They had fun making it a trio but it doesn’t work long term. Mary was always going to go and we were always going to get back to the two blokes. That’s the format,” Moffat told Entertainment Weekly.

How Mary’s death shapes the rest of Sherlock season 4

“[Sherlock writer-producer-actor] Mark Gatiss and I do not have the delusion that we know better than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. That’s how the show works and always will. We reset to the most traditional and famous version of the format,” Moffat added.

Yet how would this affect the relationship between the two men in her life who she leaves behind? According to Moffat, the remainder of the season will tackle this head on. Thus, greater reason to watch Sherlock season 4 as it explores how Mary’s death transforms it. So, it would seem the premiere episode of Sherlock is stirring the story into more exciting territory as critics noted.

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Here’s Why That Sherlock Season 4 Character Had to Die

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