Here’s Why One Piece Film: Gold Still Works Even for New Fans

One Piece

Gold- that must be one way to describe the latest One Piece film. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates were able to conquer the big screen once again; even the first timers who went on to see the animated movie were also able to ride the waves of the story.

The film was launched in July 2016 in Germany. But in the United States and Canada, the Japanese movie is about to hit the theaters on January 10.

According to Movie Web, Funimation will be releasing One Piece Film: Gold in North America. CEO and President Gen Fukunaga will be announcing the ticket sales further.

“Fans have been clamoring for news on One Piece Film: Gold and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing this blockbuster movie to U.S. and Canadian audiences. We’re confident that this film will create a new generation of fans for the franchise as well as grow the audience for its animated series.”

Those who are going to see the flick for the first time may be reluctant. One might be contemplating if they can catch up on the storyline.

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Why the One Piece film will be appreciated by many

However, Kyle Anderson of The Nerdist wrote that the film is unexpectedly “captivating and charming.” The author noted that the plot is simple but is able to capture the interest of the viewers, firsts timers or not.

Anderson also stated that even though the characters have been there for a long time- the way that the film introduces them to the watchers is easily relatable. The viewers may not have a hard time memorizing their names because of their unique abilities and traits.

Aside from that, the plot- which is focused on the rich oppressing the poor, must be effective as well. Tesoro as a villain who manipulates gold might be an example.

In the movie, the enemy said a memorable line. “The moment hope turns to despair! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest entertainment in the world,” the author quotes.

All in all, One Piece Film: Gold might gain new fans who will also strive to watch the series and the previous films. However, the public might still wait for the release. In that way, the movie can determine its success by its profit.

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Here’s Why One Piece Film: Gold Still Works Even for New Fans

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