Here’s What Critics Have to Say About the Sherlock Season 4 Premiere

Sherlock Season 4
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What do critics have to say about the Sherlock season 4 premiere? Were they happy about it?

The adventure of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) starts anew for the fourth season. Hence, a number of critics have shared their opinions. Called “The Six Thatchers,” the maiden episode of the new season gathered mix reviews.

Season’s Premiere Exciting

While events unfold in the newly-released season, a certain critic noted that it was an exciting return. Adam Starkey of Metro UK said Sherlock season 4 comes back “with a tale of hidden lives and political busts.”

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The Six Thatchers might not have been an enthralling detective case to rival The Reichenbach Fall, but it was a hilarious, crucial, heartbreaking episode which has twisted the show into exciting territory,” he said.

A Darker Series Expected

As the crime drama television series finally started, it was noted that darker scenes are anticipated to happen. How dark could events possibly turn? What would happen to the show’s main protagonist?

Starkey revealed that The Six Thatchers is a different take for Sherlock season 4 compared to The Abominable Bride aired for the show’s 2016 special. Accordingly, the 2017 season is more personal as it talks about the “changing lives” of Sherlock, John Watson (Martin Freeman) and wife, Mary (Amanda Abbington).

Apart from this, a closer look into the life of Sherlock after he shot Magnussen in the head during the third season is said to be tackled as well in the current run of the series.

Sherlock Season 4 Has A ‘Fatal Flaw’

Morgan Jeffery of Digital Spy identified “one fatal flaw” of the detective show’s season 4 premiere. He explained that its creators made the first episode “overcomplicated.”

“It’s a real shame that The Six Thatchers doesn’t stick the landing, because otherwise, there’s a lot to like here,” he said. “While some have previously accused the show of being ‘self-indulgent’ for prioritizing character over plot, this Sherlock strikes a very palatable balance between the two.”

Catch more updates and spoilers on Sherlock season 4.

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Here’s What Critics Have to Say About the Sherlock Season 4 Premiere

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