Here’s Where Alone Season 4 Could Possibly be Set Next

Alone Season 4

Alone season 4 was recently confirmed after the History survival series ended its third season. While season 3 was set at the isolated region of Patagonia, Argentina, other locations could be selected for the upcoming run.

The franchise has gained much love from its viewers. As mentioned by Paul Cabana, they have had a groundbreaking show since season 1. Cabana serves as the head of programming for History network.

Fans’ excitement regarding season 4’s location serves as an important line of inquiry. As a preview on what to expect, Cabana once said via Deadline:

“In Season 4, we are elevating the show to even greater heights. And hope the evolution of the series will continue to captivate viewers and keep them on their toes.”

It can be remembered that season 3 included 10 survivalists. The show’s main appeal to draw the audience is following these contestants and learning how they will survive the wilds.

The previous season showed that they are only equipped with limited gear. They self-document their journeys while finding food and water.

The survivalists also had to stay away from predators and find shelter for themselves. Experiencing distress along the process is also one of the hardest moments.

Alone Season 4 Potential Locations

Bustle revealed few ideal places where the show might be held next. However, the site reported that History’s website is still casting. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to think of the next location.

According to the source,  Cabana saying “elevating the show to even greater heights” might mean a new remote location for the show. Here are few places to start with:

  1. Australia – This country’s unique animals could test survivalists on what survival really means.
  2. Alaska – This is a place best for hunting. It has been revealed that most contestants came from this state.
  3. Nepal – Despite the potential danger, this is a place good for exploration with its hilly and challenging landscapes. This south Asian country is a non-mountainous area.
  4. Norway – It also makes sense to feature this place since Alone’s European spinoff was also conducted in Norway.
  5. The Maldives – In this prominent tourist spot, viewers will discover if one can survive having just the ocean to provide for them.
  6. The Amazon – Contestants have to study Tarzan’s life with this intense jungle location. It would be very different from cold places. There is no doubt that this will definitely create good TV.

At this point, fans have no option but to wait for Alone season 4 updates. As per Paul Cabana, Alone is “…raw, authentic and entertaining. There truly is nothing else like it on television.” Hence, any wait will certainly be worth it for avid followers.

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Image Source: Facebook/Alone

Video Source: YouTube/History

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Here’s Where Alone Season 4 Could Possibly be Set Next

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