Hawaii Five-O MacGyver Crossover Confirmed, Details Revealed

Hawaii Five-O MacGyver crossover

TV audiences are in for a treat as the Hawaii Five-O MacGyver crossover is happening this year.

Yes, it is official! A crossover of the two TV reboots from CBS Hawaii Five-O MacGyver takes place on March 10. Lucas Till confirmed it via a tweet with a photo of Taylor Wily.

According to TVLine, Hawaii Five-O’s Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim), Kono (Grace Park), and Kamekona (Taylor Wily) will guest star on MacGyver.

Details of the Hawaii Five-O MacGyver Crossover

Apparently, the Hawaii Five-O MacGyver crossover was a given ever since the freshman series premiered last year. Peter M. Lenkov who runs both shows said it’s bound to happen.

“This crossover has almost seemed inevitable since the day MacGyver premiered. We have always envisioned that our H50 ohana and the Phoenix team live in the same universe, and it was about time that Mac and Jack had a case in Hawaii,” Lenkov said.

Indeed, fans could have greater reason to rejoice at the implications of the crossover. As it turns out, the shows exist within the same universe. Hence, it could raise the chances of a second crossover with another series. Fans would likely recall when Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: Los Angeles crossed paths before. So, who is to say a crossover between NCIS or even Scorpion is impossible?

Plot of the Hawaii Five-O MacGyver Crossover Episode

The title of the Hawaii Five-O MacGyver crossover episode is Flashlight. Mac (Lucas Till) along with his team join relief efforts in Hawaii in the wake of an earthquake. Together with Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono (Grace Park), Mac (Lucas Till) and Jack (George Eads) will rescue a group of government scientists from a building that is about to collapse.

The task in itself is dangerous for the team. However, their work becomes harder as the threat of a group intends to steal top-secret weapons in the same building and will use the chaos to their advantage. Undoubtedly, the Hawaii Five-O MacGyver crossover would be a pleasure to watch. However, it is interesting to note the status of both shows to date. As it turns out, CBS has yet to renew each one for season 8 and season 2, respectively.

According to TV Series Finale, the chances are high for both shows to get a renewal. In the case of MacGyver, season 2 is likely as long as the series maintains its ratings. Likewise, Hawaii Five-O can look forward to season 8. However, it does not think the show would progress after. Possibly owing to the plans of Alex O’Loughlin.

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Image source: Twitter/Lucas Till

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Hawaii Five-O MacGyver Crossover Confirmed, Details Revealed

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