Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Returns with Episode 12 to Decide Chin’s Fate

Hawaii Five-0

The mid-season finale for Hawaii Five-0 season 7 left viewers with a cliffhanger. At the center of the cliffhanger is Chin Ho Kelly and whether he makes it out alive of his situation.

Though TV Line awarded Daniel Dae Kim as performer of the week for when that episode aired, it serves as little consolation to fans. Many took to the comment section of the article to express how the hiatus will be a painful waiting game. More so, fans hoped that Chin will make it out alive.

At this point, fans do not have to wait long as the Hawaii Five-0 cast returns this Friday with episode 12. Although it’s a gruesome way to think that the show’s return will feature Chin’s last moments, it’s still a major possibility. Time and time again, other shows have proven that even the top-billed actors in a series are not safe from biting the dust.

Nevertheless, another article from TV Line relays that there’s still hope for Chin. The source posts, “But perhaps all is not lost for Chin. Couldn’t the Diego cartel find a use for him — perhaps exploit his resources as a lawman — instead of simply killing him?” Daniel Dae Kim himself isn’t counting on it but given his team’s dedication to each other, it’s safe to say they’ll do anything to save him.

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More to appear on Hawaii Five-0

While it’s uncertain if Daniel Dae Kim is leaving the show more actors are scheduled to appear in the second half of the season. The Buffalo News reports that former NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed has a role on Friday’s episode. Details are vague but the source says that Reed’s role has “sales manager” labeled on it.

Another actor appearing on Friday’s episode is Dominic Flores. The Orange County Register details Flores’ experience in flying to Hawaii and shooting scenes there. Among Flores’ appearance is the 2015 Sandra Bullock film, Our Brand is Crisis. The actor credits the movie as one to give him a career boost.

Curious about how these two fit in the show’s first episode of the year? Catch Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 12 this Friday, January 6 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Returns with Episode 12 to Decide Chin’s Fate

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