Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17: Mystery Surrounds Dr. Gray’s Return

Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 17
Hawaii Five-0

Dr. Madison Gray returns in Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 17. Indeed, the notorious serial killer’s sudden appearance brings on a new mystery for the team to solve.

Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 17 is titled Hahai I na pilikua nui or Hunting Monsters. Based on its synopsis on TV Guide, it is likely the team will become embroiled in Dr. Madison Gray’s (Elizabeth Röhm) twisted mind games once again.

FBI profiler Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani) also returns in Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 17. Moreover, her welfare becomes the top priority of the team.

Details of Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17

“McGarrett and Five-0 once again become entangled in the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown’s and claims she has amnesia.”

Given her track record, the team need to figure out if Gray is telling the truth or not about her amnesia. As Carter Matt writes, Dr. Madison Gray is the serial killer who cried wolf. So, while she might claim to remember nothing, her previous deeds do left much to be desired. Hence, believing her would be hard to do now.

Nonetheless, the return of Gray and Brown bode well for the series. Indeed, it offers a welcome change to spice up its regular case of the week storytelling format.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 MacGyver Crossover

Another reason to rejoice for Hawaii Five-0 season 7 is its upcoming crossover with the freshman TV series MacGyver. As executive producer Peter Lenkov said it was inevitable the two shows would come together eventually. He explained they had always intended for the H50 ohana and the Phoenix team to exist within the same universe. Hence, the strong possibility of a cross over.

Spoiler reports for the forthcoming crossover episode reveal Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim), Kono (Grace Park), and Kamekona (Taylor Wily) will guest star on MacGyver. The episode titled Flashlight brings Mac (Lucas) and his team to Hawaii. Both teams will work together in the relief efforts following an earthquake.

Their mission is to rescue a group of trapped government scientists before their building collapses. However, the top-secret weapons kept within the same place have lured armed men intent on stealing them. Hence, their plan to use the chaos in the wake of the calamity to their advantage.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17: Mystery Surrounds Dr. Gray’s Return

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