Harley Quinn as Season 4’s ‘Launching Point’; Villain to Appear in Gotham Season 3 Finale

Gotham Season 3 Finale
Gotham Season 3

Harley Quinn is coming in Gotham season 3 finale.

Executive producer John Stephens earlier teased that the character is in the works. However, the show is still uncertain on when she would be introduced, given the character’s recent appearance in the DC movie, Suicide Squad.

Now, Stephen has revealed during the recent TCA winter press tour that fans might see Harley before season 3 ends. “We might see that in episode 22. We’re building that as a launching point of next year. It’s either going to be in 401 or 322. Most likely it’ll be in 322 to tease,” Stephens said. The showrunner added the character’s appearance is going to be “crazy.”

TVGuide noted that there were also reports that Harley will play an important part in Gotham season 4 main plotline.

It is still unclear if she will be connected to Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) who is set to return in episode 12. Jerome, who is the closest version of Joker in the series, will appear in a three-episode story arc and also in Gotham season 3 finale.

Who Will Play Harley Quinn in Gotham Season 3 Finale

The show has yet to name the actress who will portray the character. However, there is one female character who appeared in season 2 that looks like Harley – Jeri/Tank Girl (Lori Petty), SceenerTV noted.

Petty said at the time, “It was Harley Quinn and this little splash of the Joker that inspired it.” However, the actress added that as far as she knows her character didn’t have a relation to either Harley or the Joker.

Meanwhile, Monday’s episode 12, titled Mad City: Ghosts, will be in total mayhem.

Falcone will hunt Gordon after the latter shot Mario. Gordon and Bullock will track a Jerome fanatic who is planning to bring his idol back to life. Elsewhere, Penguin is having a major TV interview, while Selina’s mother will also return in this episode.

The Fox hit series is set to take another break for the entire months of February and March, and most of April after the three-episode special this month. The show will return on April 24, 2017 after the full run of 24: Legacy, which will take its timeslot.

Gotham season 3 returns on Monday (Jan. 16) at 8 p.m. ET/PT in FOX.

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Harley Quinn as Season 4’s ‘Launching Point’; Villain to Appear in Gotham Season 3 Finale

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