Grimm Season 6: Things You Need to Know Before the Premiere Tonight

Grimm Season 6
Grimm Season 6

Grimm Season 6 will air tonight, January 6. Before the first episode, here are the things you need to know before the premiere.

What You Need to Know Before the Premiere

Renard will Put the Blame on Nick

Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) was last seen dealing with Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Toub) in Season 5. Though it was clear who will win in the end, surprisingly, Portland’s new mayor killed Black Claw’s leader. However, this will not still be a good sign for Nick and the Scooby gang as Renard will still go after them.

According to TV Guide, in order to hide the truth behind Bonaparte’s death, Renard will undoubtedly do everything to come clean. Renard will put the blame on Nick to save his family and of course, himself. Leading almost everybody against Nick

Diana’s Role in Renard’s Life

In TV Line’s report, Roiz hints that Diana (Hannah R. Lloyd) becomes an important part of Renard’s life. “His daughter plays a large role in his life, and I kind of like that element,” the latter said.

Adding on, the actor also noted that Renard’s “paternal instincts” will kick in when it comes to Diana. In return, it seems like the girl is the same as her father.

However, in the promo teaser of Grimm season 6, it looks like though Diana is with her father, the girl seems to be secretly helping Nick. Is she siding with the grimm? What is known so far is the grimm is seen expressing his gratitude to Adalind’s daughter for helping them.

Twists and Turns Await in Grimm’s Final Season

In Gosh!TV’s previous report, the cast and executive producers had an interview about the last season of Grimm. Aside from hinting that bigger questions will be answered this chapter, the team also reveals what to expect in the final chapter.

David Greenwalt hints that this season, the storyline will explore the new things.

“Season 6, we’re gonna answer a couple of very large questions,” says Greenwalt. “We’ve answered some things about history. A lot of things about Hitler, royalty, World War I, World War II…” he added.

“Now we’re gonna answer a couple of things that have never been dealt in our show.”

Grimm Season 6 premieres tonight, Jan. 6 on NBC.

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Image Source: YouTube/Grimm

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Grimm Season 6: Things You Need to Know Before the Premiere Tonight

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