Grimm Season 6: Sasha Roiz Teases Diana’s Role in Renard’s Life

Grimm Season 6

Grimm Season 6 is expected to feature a new champion after former Captain Sean Renard won as Portland’s mayor in Season 5. Will he dominate the forthcoming installment once again?

Sean Renard managed to tap some connections in Black Claw as he cheats his way into the highest office of Portland. Meanwhile, Adalind was blackmailed to be his adoring fiancée. This is while he involved himself into destroying Hadrian’s Wall resistance.

Sasha Roiz Talks Grimm Season 6

Renard recently encountered the comeback of his long lost daughter, Diana. She was previously reunited with her reportedly estranged parents. Unfortunately, cards might not turn on Renard’s side when Grimm Season 6 returns.

According to TV Line, Shasha Roiz said, “When we finished on Season 5, he’s really on top.” He said this during an interview on set. However, the actor adds that everything will change in Episode 3 of Season 6. It is safe to say that Renard is set to encounter several oppositions as a mayor. As cited in the aforementioned outlet, Roiz believes that that is the time where Diana becomes significant in his father’s life.

Season 6 will reportedly highlight the importance of Diana to his father. In accordance to this, Renard is set to show a frequent paternal instinct whenever Diana is around. Also, Diana will need her father in Season 6 just as much as he needs her.

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Diana Being in Danger

Moreover, Roiz believes that it is only natural to be protective of her. The actor teases the possible danger Diana might be in future. This is because she will be a target to a very dangerous person being.

In line with this, it has been pointed out that Renard might have some possible motives in getting closer to his daughter. After all, she is a scary 8-year-old creation and Renard is known for manipulation. Furthermore, viewers must be keen to discover if Renard is only using Diana in his advantage.

NBC releases a sneek peak for episode 1 (watch video below). The season finale premieres on Jan. 6, 2017.

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Grimm Season 6: Sasha Roiz Teases Diana’s Role in Renard’s Life

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