Grimm Season 6: David Giuntoli Teases Nick’s Fate, ‘He’s the Grimm’

Grimm Season 6
Grimm Season 6

Grimm season 6 is on its fifth episode. As the series finale draws near, Nick slowly discovers what his fate might be. David Giuntoli, who plays the character, teases a few hints about what might happen to the Grimm.

The Grimm’s Connection to the Stick

According to reports, Nick and the stick seem to have a sort of strange connection. When the sixth season of NBC’s supernatural police detective drama series started, Grimmsters already had a bit of idea that the wooden stick that has been buried for hundreds of years is something you should not mess with. Viewers saw what it did to Monroe, Eve, and to the policemen in episode 2 and now, it is starting to take its effect on the Grimm.

In Giuntoli’s interview with TV Guide, the actor hinted that the stick “is not just going to be a little stick.” This mystical thing has a strange ability to make one feel addicted to it. In episode 3, Nick himself admitted to Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) that he feels like he “needed” it.

With this, it looks like Guintoli is hinting that the stick that everybody thought as an asset is slowly turning into something evil. Worse, it could be the Grimm’s worst nightmare.

Moreover, the 36-year-old actor reveals what lesson this so-called stick brings to them, “If something has been buried for hundreds and hundreds of years, just don’t go looking for it.” Hence, this wooden thing is something his ancestors had been trying keep away from everybody’s grip forever. But since he and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) dug it up, Giuntoli confirms his character is “sort of addicted” to it now.

“It affects Nick in a huge way. The implications of them digging that stick up changes everything. It is an end game kind of plot point. You’re playing with universal powers and one thing you learn is that you can’t just take the good.”

Grimm Season 6 — Nick’s Fate

Based on the same interview, the stick has so many side effects that even Grimmsters don’t understand until now. Though it heals wounds and shields one from deadly bullets, it will then make one feel unguarded when it is not around. One of the complications that this stick brought to the Scooby Gang is Eve’s Juliette-esque comeback.

Nick and Adalind are solid, says Guintoli, but with Eve acting as Juliette sometimes make things complicated. However, he also noted in his interview that this will be a “very difficult emotional thing” for the Grimm.

More details will unfold in the series’ next episode. Grimm season 6 episode 5 will air on February 3.

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Grimm Season 6: David Giuntoli Teases Nick’s Fate, ‘He’s the Grimm’

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