Grimm Season 6 Cast, Showrunners Reveals Spoilers, Possible More Episodes for Season Finale

Grimm Season 6

Grimm Season 5 ended in a bloody scene when Shasha Roiz’s Renard strike a sword through the heart of Shaun Toub’s Bonaparte. To kill the head of wesen rebellion group Black Claw as they save Nick, played by David Giuntioli, has been the major cliffhanger. What is next for Grimm Season 6?

According to TV Guide, Renard’s hand might be the one who held the sword but he is not in control. Therefore, when Grimm Season 6 returns next year, his first mission will be to discover the identity of the one that forced him to kill a man calling all shots. The first person he will go to is reportedly Adalind, Claire Coffee’s role.

Grimm Season 5 Finale

The same outlet added that Renard’s aim is to tell her what happened. He will also question Adalind if she has something to do with his situation. After all, she is a hexenbiest and has the ability to control Renard. Despite this, Adalind is still considered in fear to move against Bonaparte, believing that the latter would hurt her children.

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Meanwhile, viewers might already know that Hannah R. Loyd’s Diana took over Renard’s body and killed Bonaparte. Diana is the daughter of Renard and Adalind. She believed that keeping her parents apart was Bonaparte’s doing.

It did not take long for Renard to realize. But Adalind was not really ready to accept that her 8-year-old daughter is capable of doing such thing. Of course, avid followers of Grimm Season 6 know that this was not the first kill for Diana.

Grimm Season 6 Spoilers

People behind the show tease some things for Grimm Season 6. According to TV Line, David Greenwalt said, “We’re leaving it in a good place.” “Great sorrow and great hope, you know?” Claire Coffee also added, “Everything’s tied up. There are great reminders of why everybody liked the show, to begin with, and what really endeared the show to people. All of that comes back, tenfold.”

Furthermore, we will soon find out how Adalind and Renard can confirm Diana’s involvement in Bonaparte’s death. Grimm Season 6 premieres on Jan. 6, Friday.

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Grimm Season 6 Cast, Showrunners Reveals Spoilers, Possible More Episodes for Season Finale

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