Grimm Season 6 Cast Reveals Plot Details, Talks Final Chapter

Grimm Season 6
Grimm Season 6

Grimm Season 6 opens a new chapter for the fans, and guess what? It looks like it will be a roller coaster ride of events. Adding on, the series’ cast even revealed a snippet on what fans should watch out for in the final chapter.

According to reports, Grimm Season 6 is definitely one of the most-anticipated comebacks this coming January. Though it will certainly be the series’ final curtain call, fans cannot help but guess what the ending will be. However, the guessing game will end sooner or later as the cast talks about the sixth chapter.

All the Details So Far

Since this is the series’ last season, Grimmsters have been having a debate. Will this be a shocking finale? Or will it be just a plain “yeah, we know this and we know that will happen” kind of feel?

Earlier reports only give predictions and theories about the show. But now it will be cleared out.

The cast and the EP of the series had an interview with TV Line, and they revealed fresh details about the sixth season. In a featurette made by the site, David Greenwalt announced that they will “answer a couple of very large questions.”

Meanwhile, the cast members talked about what is ahead and how it feels to be part of it. Sasha Roiz (Renard), on the other hand, teases that Nick and his character are both “determined to eliminate each other.”

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In their previous interview with the same site, Bree Turner (Rosalee) revealed that there will be no time jump and her character will just be pregnant at the course of Grimm Season 6. Claire Coffee teases that her character flow will be affected by the cursed ring, and the result will be very bad. The only thing Adalind wants is to “protect her children and stay with her children.”

Furthermore, when it comes to Renard and Nick, Roiz explained that the end of Grimm Season 5 is like the two men are “leading the fight” at that point. Bitsie Tulloch also teases her character and reveals that she is still Eve but “she kinda has a very volatile wake-up moment” as Juliette.

Grimm Season 6 returns on Jan. 6, Friday. Meanwhile, check the trailer for the next season below.


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Grimm Season 6 Cast Reveals Plot Details, Talks Final Chapter

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