Greta Van Susteren to Host MSNBC’s For the Record, Replacing With All Due Respect

Greta Van Susteren
Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren is set to join the MSNBC. She was known for leaving Fox News Channel five months ago. This is definitely one of the newest uproars in the cable timeslots.

The veteran commentator will host For the Record With Greta. It is the newly introduced weekday show filling the 6pm timeslot. Her show features from New Washington DC.

Why Greta Van Susteren was Chosen

According to Hollywood Reporter, this has replaced Bloomberg’s political show, With All Due Respect. This is in order to be a mediator between the gap of daytime and primetime shows. “Greta is a true pro with a proven record of tough journalism,” says MSNBC head Phil Griffin.

It was on Thursday when he said this statement adding that the broad experience Greta Van Susteren has would be of great value. In addition, they believe in the 62-year-old’s sharp judgment in news. After all, Griffin shares this as they go towards the momentum of their new administration in 2017.

Van Susteren’s Background

Van Susteren has some awesome background in both CNN and FOX News, reports Entertainment Weekly. She left the latter network in September, not long before Chief Roger Ailes had his force exit. After she went to MSNBC, there are several events that followed.

As per the above-mentioned outlet, Megyn Kelly also skipped out of FOX for a huge deal with NBC news. On the other hand, Tucker Carlson, the one who took over Van Susteren’s timeslot last November was moved to 9 p.m. replacing Kelly.

Moreover, the newly transferred news icon to MSNBC is nothing but thrilled for her new journey. “The network is the right destination for the smart news and analysis I hope to deliver every day, and I look forward to joining the talented journalists and analysts I respect there,” Van Susteren said.

Furthermore, Greta Van Susteren reportedly first expressed her move to MSNBC through Twitter. A lot of things are set to happen in this endeavor, so her avid followers must watch out. For the Record with Greta premieres on Jan. 9, 2017.

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Image Source: Facebook/Greta Van Susteren

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Greta Van Susteren to Host MSNBC’s For the Record, Replacing With All Due Respect

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