Gravity Falls Season 3 Might Happen, Possible Crossover with Rick & Morty

Gravity Falls Season 3

Premiere dates of Gravity Falls season 3 and Rick and Morty are still unidentified. This is why many speculated that both are working towards a possible crossover. After all, Justin Roiland and Alex Hirsch who helm the respective animated series initially admitted to releasing some Easter eggs.

According to Movie Pilot, they did it in appreciation of their long running friendship. It has been revealed that both of them have worked together in Disney during the early years of their careers.

Despite fans’ insistence in connecting both shows, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch explained that there is no crossover happening between the two. However, eager followers of both shows believe that some references point to a bigger surprise.

Gravity Falls Season 3 and Rick and Morty Crossover

An avid fan and Reddit user suggested on the said platform that Rick Sanchez and Stanford Filbrick “Ford” Pines crossover lies with the details in dimension hopping portals. First, viewers all know that Ford has already travelled countless dimensions. This includes outlawing 9,000 dimensions in an infinity sided die.

Therefore, Ford has been into more than one alternate reality. But this does not make sense since there is only one universal portal. It only showcased travelling from one dimension to another.

Nevertheless, fans offered explanations for this issue to be resolved. One solution fans can think of is the ever genius Rick. TheRealDyson suggested on Reddit:

  1. Ford is good friends with Rick, and Rick lent Ford his portal gun.
  2. He and Rick are enemies, and Ford stole Rick’s portal gun.
  3. Ford has his own portal gun, made from the same chemical composition as Rick’s portal gun.

Will the Crossover Happen Anytime Soon?

For fans hoping for this crossover, there are details to support this theory. In the Gravity Falls episode titled Society of the Blind Eye, Grunkle Stan lost his mug, notepad, and pen because they all flew through the portal. Now, as Stars Post reported, those items appeared in the Rick and Morty episode titled Close Encounter of the Rick Kind.

In conclusion, Ford has an access to the dimension where Rick is and vice versa. Not to mention that Gravity Falls: Journal 3 also has Ford’s wanted poster with a hidden message “Rick is here” in it. With these clues, there must be some connection between their dimensions.

Furthermore, no one knows what these two series are up to. Follow GoshTV for more news on Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls season 3.

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Image Source: WikimediaCommons/Mooshuu

Video Source: YouTube/Disney

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Gravity Falls Season 3 Might Happen, Possible Crossover with Rick & Morty

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