Grammys 2017 Might Still Have Justin Bieber & Kanye West On Board

Grammys 2017
Facebook/Justin Bieber

Hope springs eternal for the Grammys 2017 as organizers reveal talks with big name artists are ongoing.

The previous Grammys 2017 update suggested the possible return of Ed Sheeran. Moreover, it teased the possibility of new music from the English singer. Reports also hinted at his potential performance at the Awards night.

However, recent reports about the Grammys 2017 likely sent a chill among music fans. Apparently, major artists like Kanye West and Justin Bieber would not be attending.

Why Artists Plan to Skip the Grammys 2017

Several Grammys 2017 nominees could be missing at this year’s ceremony. TMZ revealed this sad news earlier. In particular, nominees for the Grammys 2017 album of the year might not show up at all.

Apparently, the reason for their reported choice to skip the awards’ night has to do with its significance to the music industry to date. As it turns out, many of them think the Grammys are no longer relevant to young artists. Indeed, Justin Bieber reportedly considers it irrelevant, particularly for the younger singers. Hence, he decided to skip the ceremony. The Canadian superstar has four nominations including album of the year.

Kanye West has eight nominations including Album of the Year. However, his track record reveals he has yet to win when up against a white singer in a category. Hence, his likely reason to skip the event. Sadly, the Grammys 2017 date on February 12 coincides with the tour date of Drake at Manchester Arena in the UK. Hence, his obvious absence at the Awards ceremony.

Another artist who might not make it is Taylor Swift. As it turns out, she has no nomination this time since she did not release new music last 2016. However, there might be a chance her BFF Selena Gomez might show up. It is uncertain if Beyonce, who is up for nine awards, would perform or at the very least attend.

Odds of Bieber or West Attending Grammys 2017

Then again, fans could still be hopeful to see at least the Biebs at this year’s Award’s night. This Grammy Awards executive producer Ken Ehrlich revealed this much to Entertainment Tonight.

“Look, we’d love to have them again. We’re actually still talking to Justin. Kanye, it’s probably going to be a question of — if it will happen, it will or won’t happen closer to the show,” Ehrlich said.

“We’ve worked with Kanye many number of times and we’ve actually been very much involved in the successes that he’s had. Some of his greatest performances have been on the Grammys. I would sure love to see him in the house, Ehrlich added. Moreover, Ehrlich neither confirmed nor denied the chances of Bieber performing at Grammys 2017.

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Image source: Facebook/Justin Bieber

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Grammys 2017 Might Still Have Justin Bieber & Kanye West On Board

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