Girl Meets World Season 4 Is Still Possible With Fans as Source of Power

Girl Meets World Season 4
Girl Meets World season 4

Girl Meets World season 4 cancellation has been the talk of the town lately. Many felt betrayed with Disney Channel’s sudden decision while others looked for ways on how to save the sequel of Boy Meets World.

It has been weeks since the cancellation of Girl Meets World has been confirmed. Even though this has already been the speculation of many, no one expected that it will actually happen.

The stars of the show already aired their thoughts about the news. Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard posted a heartfelt message on their respective social media accounts.

While the actresses are mourning for the final season, their fans had their own way of dealing with the cancellation. These fans started creating hashtags and petitions for the show.

One particular petition insists Girl Meets World is the best show in Disney. Another one encourages the fans to push the show on Freeform.

Comments on the said petitions supported the claims and reasoned out why they need the show for more seasons.

“Everything in the series contribute to sustaining my current condition of mild anxiety and depression. This show is worth saving, no matter what.” — J Chan, Sunnyvale, CA.

“…I think Freeform is a good Idea for the show to continue for 4 or 5 maybe Evan 6 seasons there for the show is awesome and it shows happiness and sadness.” — Robert Wagoner, Mayslick, KY

With these thoughts from the viewers, there might be a chance for another season. Show creator Michael Jacobs also hinted that there are talks happening right now.

Can We Still See Girl Meets World Season 4?

As far as the other networks are concerned, there is a chance that fans could still see Girl Meets World for the fourth time. How would this be possible?

Bustle listed down cancelled shows that eventually came back because of the fans’ nonstop petition and request for the show’s renewal.

– Nashville, it was cancelled after four seasons but CMT picked it up and renewed it for the fifth time.

-Longmire, after 3 seasons in A&E, fans thought they would never witness another the fourth part after all their efforts but Netflix picked it up and added not just one but two more seasons for it.

The Mindy Project, it was cancelled after season 3 but after the requests of the fans, its season 5 is already underway.

Based from this list, it seems there is a chance for Girl Meets World. It is really up to the efforts of its avid fans to save such a wonderful series. On the other hand, Travelers Today noted that the season 3 finale of Disney’s teen show will air on January 20, 6 pm.

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Image Source: WikiCommons/iDominick

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Girl Meets World Season 4 Is Still Possible With Fans as Source of Power

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