How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Viola Davis Drops Heartbreaking Spoiler

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3
How to Get Away with Murder Season 3

More heartbreaking moments are coming in How to Get Away with Murder season 3. Lead actress Viola Davis (Annalise Keating) revealed this recent development herself.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Davis was asked if her character will get better when HTGAWM returns this week. She revealed that things will get worse for her character before it will get better.

In episode 9 which aired before the show took its mid-season break in November, a bomb exploded at Annalise’s house. Then the burned body of Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) was found inside the house.

Consequently, Annalise got arrested. Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) then visited Annalise in jail and revealed to the lawyer that Wes was already dead before the blaze started.

The season 3 episode 10 synopsis indicated that the Keating Four will struggle to accept that one of their own died. However, someone is not really mourning the death of Wes.

Who really killed Wes? Executive producer Pete Nowalk earlier teased it could be one from Annalise’s team or someone who do not belong to the group.

How is Annalise in Prison Jumpsuit

Viewers will see Annalise in a prison jumpsuit in the second half of How to Get Away with Murder season 3. However, it will not be in an iconic orange get-up.

Nowalk revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the lawyer will be wearing a burgundy jumpsuit. “I feel like we found our way to do it where it’s awesome. Also, we had to put Viola Davis in a box and watch what she would do.”

“That was such a good writing exercise. She’s in a jumpsuit. I’m going to say — spoiler alert — it’s burgundy. We’re just a little different,” he said.

Moreover, fans should not expect any confrontation in jail between the Middleton University professor and any of her past clients. However, Nowalk teased that Annalise’s reputation will precede her even in jail. The EP added that viewers will see how Annalise will deal with other inmates in a crowded jail.

Don’t miss the return of How to Get Away with Murder season 3 on Thursday, January 26 at 10 p.m. in ABC. Stay tuned for other spoilers on the show.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Viola Davis Drops Heartbreaking Spoiler

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