General Hospital Spoilers for January 31: Sonny Looks for Crucial Answers

General Hospital
General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers for January 31 show several characters in Port Charles seeking for answers to their questions. Can Sonny get those answers he is desperately looking for?

According to a spoiler published by We Love Soaps, Sonny is hoping that Ava can provide him with the answers to his questions. Meanwhile, Nina will be apprehensive about Anna’s motives while Franco may confront Seth.

The Quest for Truth

Though Ava (Maura West) will be visiting Sonny (Maurice Benard), it is the latter who wants Ava to answer, But Ava does not seem to be cooperative and asks whether Sonny thinks that the time is right to discuss such issues or not.

General Hospital spoilers for January 31 tease that Sonny will assure her that the time is right. What does Sonny want to know? Can Ava give the answers that he is looking out for?

Memories become clearer

Finally, Franco (Roger Howarth) realizes why the trophies seem to be so familiar. Now that his memory is back, he recollects that they were in Seth’s house. He also remembers that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) had fled to speak to him.

Franco will ask for the cops but something is not quite right. General Hospital spoilers for January 31 hint that there could be a confrontation between Franco and Seth.

Can Franco reach in time to rescue Elizabeth? Seth had barred her from going out of his house with proof for the cops.

Elsewhere, Sam (Kelly Monaco) will try to locate Jason at the General Hospital. He got to know from Griffin (Matt Cohen) that Jason has been admitted as a patient in the hospital. When she finally tracks him, she will ask him why he did not inform her about his admission in the hospital.

But Jason will keep her in the dark. Can he tell his wife that her father is responsible for his condition?

Future looks bright for Alexis who focuses on putting her life in order after knowing that she was not responsible for killing Tom Baker, Soap Hub reported. Julian (William deVry) will appear at the scene as she and Diane (Carolyn Hennessy) are about to move out of the police station.

Diane is quick to defend her friend as she tells Alexis’ former husband that her client will not speak to him. Will Alexis support her friend or will she be more forthcoming? Will she share with Julian what she remembers from that tragic night when Tom was murdered?

In other news, Nina has doubts about Anna’s intentions since Valentin shares that Anna was a part of his past. He did not want to disclose this fact to anyone earlier.

Tune into General Hospital weekdays on ABC.


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Image Source: Facebook/General Hospital

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General Hospital Spoilers for January 31: Sonny Looks for Crucial Answers

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