General Hospital Spoilers for January 30-February 3: Elizabeth’s Terrible Discovery

General Hospital
General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers for January 30-February 3 reveal that Liz and Franco may reconnect. But Liz makes a shocking discovery that might be risky for her.

It will be an action-packed week with Alexis’ memories getting clearer. There can be a disagreement between Sonny and Jason while Bobby might seek the support of an old pal.

General Hospital spoilers for January 30-February 3 also tease that the puzzle related to Valentin may become clearer with him showing his true colors. Though Alexis reveals her secret to Sam, she will take steps to improve herself. A warning is given to Nelle to control her fury before it harms her more.

According to TV Source Magazine, Alexis now has more clarity about that fateful night when Tom was murdered. Her conscious will be somewhat put to rest now as she tries to get her life in order.

But Alexis could have a new barrier on her road to recovery. A sponsor with some ulterior intentions can try to harm her.

Sam needs to find out Jason at the hospital. Sonny and Jason may have a fallout. Will it be an end to their bromance? Meanwhile, Jason will take some steps to protect Sam. General Hospital spoilers for January 30-February 3 hint that Bobbie’s suspicions have no end and she reaches out for help.

Will someone discover Jerome’s secrets? Elsewhere, Jordan may not stick to her word.

Day-Wise Spoiler for General Hospital

On Monday, Elizabeth will make a terrible discovery in the case related to Tom Baker, We Love Soaps reported. Is her life in danger?

Nina always wants the best for Charlotte. Anna will have a face-off with Valentin while Alexis is ready to cooperate with the investigation being conducted by PCPD.

On Tuesday, Sonny will expect that Ava can give the much-needed answers. Nina will be suspicious about Anna’s intentions while there will be a confrontation between Seth and Franco,

Wednesday’s episode will find Sonny and Jason in the midst of a severe disagreement. Bobby will ask for help while Nina will ask Anna to stay at a distance.

Viewers will find Julian taking the bait on Thursday while Jordan cannot keep her word. Olivia will be seen seeking Carly’s advice.

The episode on Friday will find Alexis’ sponsor having some ulterior motives. Who will offer a romantic gesture to Nelle? Bobbie will team up with an old pal.

Tune into General Hospital weekdays on ABC.


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General Hospital Spoilers for January 30-February 3: Elizabeth’s Terrible Discovery

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